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Healthy dental hygiene can boost your interpersonal relationships

Have you ever had bad breath blown in your face during a conversation? Did you look forward to having another conversation with the individual who was the source of that bad breath? I honestly doubt it.

That’s what bad dental hygiene does. It drives people away from you.

Bad dental hygiene is usually brought on by an individual’s failure to properly brush and floss their teeth as well as appropriately scrub their tongue. This is especially so if the individual in question frequently eats foods with a high sugar content. By brushing and flossing your teeth at least twice a day, you can keep your teeth clean and breathe fresh. But asides from simply enjoying looking at your pristine teeth in the mirror, you can enjoy the following ways in which good oral hygiene can boost your interpersonal relationships.

1. Increased confidence

When your teeth are well taken care of, you have increased confidence and are comfortable talking to other people without worrying about the state of your mouth.

2. Increased attractiveness

People who have healthy teeth and fresh breath are commonly considered more attractive and thus find making acquaintances less tedious. On the other hand, having bad oral hygiene can be a major turn off that causes a person to be avoided. If you practice proper oral hygiene, you will find it easier approaching people with a bright disarming smile and communicating with them. Actually, having good teeth can help you look better.

3. People are more willing to listen to you

People are more inclined to pay attention to someone who has good teeth. This can be especially important if a person’s line of work involves marketing, sales, or any other line of work that requires one on one contact with strangers on a daily basis. It’s already difficult trying to convince someone you’ve never met to buy a product they’ve never heard of, but with the right attitude and a clean smile, your chances are greatly increased.

If your dental condition has deteriorated to a state where a toothbrush and dental floss will not be enough to redeem it, you shouldn’t hesitate to visit a dentist. 

Ill health that can arise from poor dental hygiene include;

  • Heart disease: This is possible because bacteria can build up in a mouth that is not properly taken care of and can be absorbed through the gums. From the gums, this bacteria will be absorbed into the bloodstream from where it will find its way to the heart and cause problems.
  • Lung disease: The same bacteria mentioned above can also make its way to the lungs via the bloodstream and lead to health complications such as bronchitis and pneumonia.

Other health complications that can arise from poor oral hygiene include; dementia, cancer, infertility in women, and erectile dysfunction in men. Don’t let your teeth that ought to be an asset of yours become a liability. Take care of your mouth and enjoy a better life as well as better relationships with others.

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