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How to Find the Best Cosmetic Dentist?

There are many reasons why you will need the attention of a cosmetic dentist. If you need teeth whitening, veneers, bonding, and dental implants of any type, you surely want to get fitted by the best cosmetic dentist around. While all dental procedures take a different approach to treatment, when it comes to cosmetic options, one thing is sure, you are looking to correct an anomaly. 

What is Cosmetic Dentistry

If you have ever wondered what cosmetics has got to do with the tooth, you are not alone. Many people who visit the dentist for treatment options for tooth-related issues are usually taken aback when they learn of choosing cosmetic dentistry. 

The procedure isn't all that different from using cosmetics for the face and hair. And while you use creams and oils to improve your skin and beauty, cosmetic dentistry takes an entirely different approach. First, you wouldn't need to meet with a beautician but rather a trained medical professional with experience delivering services in the field. 

Who Needs a Cosmetic Dentists?

You certainly will need dental assistance if your tooth is discolored, stained, broken, misshapen, misaligned, or you want to close the gap between your teeth. Other related problems may also require the use of a cosmetic procedure to treat, so you surely want to check with your physician if you are looking for the best treatment option. 

As mentioned earlier, there are numerous cosmetic options available for dealing with issues of the mouth (teeth, tongue, and gum). Still, the common ones most people get treatment for are listed in the section below. 

Types of Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures

Not sure which of the options are available for solving tooth-related problems, you can check below for a quick summary of the popular procedures available to you

1.      Teeth Whitening 

Most people with nicotine-stained teeth from smoking and coffee intake over the years are likely going to notice some brown colorations, especially around the crown of the teeth, at the point of attachment to the gum. 

The process is simple, pain-free, and is one of the cheapest dental procedures. So if you notice any stains on the teeth, or would like to wear a whiter smile, you certainly want to check in with your doctor for teeth whitening options available to you. This link has more suggestions on the best teeth whitening options. 

2.      Bonding 

A dental bonding procedure involves using durable plastic in the form of a putty-like resin bonded to the teeth. This is made possible using an ultraviolet light that helps get the plastic stuck to the mouth. Once correctly fitted, the dentists then trim down the edges and polishes the teeth to blend it with others in the mouth. The procedure aims to fix issues with a cracked, broken, or chipped tooth. 

3.      Veneers

This type of procedure involves using resin in front of the teeth to cover any deformity. The resins, which are a custom made shell, are thin-like and can be forged to any shape and size depending on the patient's dentition. This procedure could cost upwards of $1000 and are usually a more permanent solution to solving a broken or damaged tooth from an accident. 

4.      Crowns

A crown sits on the entire teeth and is usually the preferred option for hiding a damaged or decayed tooth. It is also used to prevent a weak tooth from breaking or falling out of the mouth when eating. The cost of fixing in crowns will depend on the material. Those forged from metal are more expensive than plastic or ceramic options. 

5.      Indirect Fillings

The use of inlays and onlays are also common with cosmetic dentistry. The fillings made from porcelain, gold, or other composite material hide a decayed or damaged tooth. They are an alternative to crowns and usually cost more depending on the nature of the fillings used. You can expect gold plated options to cost more than others. 

6.      Dental Implants 

Another popular option is the use of implants that are used to replace a missing tooth. While this option is the best way to hide a missing tooth, you should know that it could cost more than any other cosmetic options available for the tooth. However, it does provide a permanent solution, mainly when you use the right type of implants, like those made from titanium. 

Finding a Dentist for Cosmetic Procedures

The best way to get permanent solutions to your tooth problems is to check with a dentist. And if you already know anyone who can help out, the next step will be to schedule a visit and discuss your options. But if you need help with finding a cosmetic dentist to help you, here are some tips for finding the right professional. 

·        Talk to a Doctor 

A medical professional at the clinic should help you find the best person for your needs. Many medical practitioners are connected around the country, and it just might happen that your doctor may know the most skilled cosmetic physician to help you with your dental issues. 

·        Check Online

You can also search the internet for websites to cosmetic dentist near you. If you need implants, search for professional implants in your area, and you should get results of experts near you that offer such services. You can find out from their websites the types of cosmetic options available and get contacts to their office when you search the internet. 

·        Check the ADA

If you need experts in the US, you can check the American Dental Association website for a list of registered American professionals. You can narrow your search to those in your area. If you need expert dental care in Southpoint, Durham, like, it is as easy as entering your address or zip code as requested on the website. 

Deciding who to Hire 

You could also be torn between who to choose, especially if you have many options to work with. Referrals from friends and family who have had such procedures before would be the best option to go with if you have any. But if you need help deciding who to hire, you can find some useful tips below.

  • Choose professionals with experience with cosmetic dentistry. It would be best to work with someone with years of experience handling related problems for their patients. 
  • Check their educational qualifications and professional qualifications, and the more they have to provide, the more on the job experience they should possess. 
  • You should consider the location of the clinic. If you have to travel a long distance to your treatment, it may be best to stick to clinics that are close to your house. So you don't have to endure a long drive home after the procedure. 
  • The office hours are also worth looking into, as you want them to be open to you at times that are convenient for you. 
  • You also want to find out the type of local anesthesia that would be applied during the treatment. This is necessary, so you know what to expect with the pain levels afterward. 
  • The cost of the procedure will also determine who to work with. You want to have a budget for medical procedures if your insurance isn't going to cover the expenses. You can find more in the section below about the cost of cosmetic dentistry. 

The Cost of Cosmetic Dentistry

The dentist will charge you depending on the nature of the treatment you are after. The expenses will cover the cost of the material used and that of their services. You could spend more to get an implant than you would for whitening or installing veneers or bonds in the mouth. 

On average, you can spend between $300 to $5000 on fixing tooth-related damage, and you want to speak with your dentists on ways to save extra on your treatment. You can check this website for dental insurance details and how you, too, may benefit from one. 

Final Note 

Not sure which dental procedure is best to deal with a broken or decaying tooth, you should check with your doctor to guide you on the best options available. 

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