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7 Tips to choose the right dentist in Dubai

Good oral hygiene is vital for overall healthy life. Poor dental health can lead to far bigger problems than you can imagine. Dental issues like cavities or gum disease can affect your ability to eat and talk properly, causing pain and unpleasant breath. It may also have an adverse effect on other parts of your body like heart, bones, skin, etc. It is necessary to practice good dental hygiene to avoid dental problems and oral disease. You must also emphasize on taking preventive measures.

Oral care is not only about brushing your teeth. It requires special attention and recommended care by your dentist. Dentists have become quite popular in Dubai for their incredible services and dental surgeries. It is tough to find the right dentist in Dubai. As much as it is important, it also becomes challenging to choose the best one. Here are some points you must consider while you choose the right dentist:

  1. Do your research

Spend adequate time in research and make a list of potential dentists in your area. In today’s world, information is readily available and is just a click away. Make use of the internet and other sources to find multiple options. Get referrals from your family, friends, colleagues, and other medical providers. If you are relocating, ask your present dentist for the recommendation. You may also look at your local dental society. It is advisable to call and visit a few of them before making the final choice.

  1. Check the affordability

Cost plays an important role in finalizing the best clinic. You must find the most cost-efficient one from your list of potential clinics. Collect the necessary details and ensure that the cost and all other variables are manageable for you, especially in the long-run. Get the price-list of all the standard procedures. Also, check the various payment options like cash, credit card, or an online transfer facility.

Compare the cost of some basic procedures like oral examination, plaque removal, mouth X-rays, and filling a cavity, with other clinics. The services should be of high standards and worth the price you pay.

  1. Look at the credentials

One of the most important things to consider when selecting a dentist is board certification. It provides the credibility that the dentist has the knowledge, expertise, and experience required to provide the necessary services. It also confirms that he/she does not have a history of malpractice or disciplinary proceedings. For dental disorders, dentists with proper qualifications and recognition must be preferred.

  1. Consider the experience

The experience matters a lot when it comes to oral health care. A dentist with more experience may have higher chances of better results. If you need a specific treatment, consider the number of procedures performed by him/her, and compare the complication ratio. An experienced dentist may review your medical history, and use the best approach for the treatment.

  1. Find the services offered

It is imperative to find out the various services offered by the clinic. The final decision of which dentist to choose is directly related to your specific dental needs. Each one of them offers different services and treatments. This also depends on the technologies and infrastructure used by them. Some of the common dental services are oral examinations, teeth whitening, teeth alignment, root canal treatment, braces placement, etc.

  1. Consider the accessibility

Keep in mind the location of the clinic, whether it is near your home or workplace. Consider the one in your preferred area and which you find easy to reach. It might be an added benefit if the clinic is open during weekends and holidays. If you plan to schedule an appointment after your working hours, consider the hours of operation of the clinic. Also, keep in mind adequate parking and public transport facility.

  1. Read testimonials

Patient reviews show the experience of different people with the respective dentist. It talks about their personal experience with scheduling appointments, clinic atmosphere, wait times, and staff responsiveness. You may also get to know how comfortable patients are with the dentist, how much time is given to each patient, and how well their queries were answered. These reviews might help you choose a right, competent, and skilled dentist with high efficiency and safety standards.

Taking a look at the information on their respective websites may also be helpful. This will provide you the necessary details about the office, policies and procedures, and background information.


Dental care is important for everyone to maintain healthy teeth and mouth. By following proper oral hygiene, your teeth may have fewer cavities, and minimal or no plaque deposits. Oral hygiene requires both personal and professional attention. Finding the right dentist is a long-term proposition. Consulting the same dentist over a period of time makes you comfortable and provides you with consistent services.

Oral health is a prime indicator of your overall well-being, and quality of life. You are more likely to maintain optimal oral health by regular visits to the dentist, and practicing good hygiene at home.

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