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Dental Guide: Oral Health

3 Signs You Might Need Braces

More adults and children are straightening their teeth today, than ever before. This is because there are now options to traditional braces, giving you more ways to improve your smile. But it can be difficult to know whether you need teeth straightening. So, we asked the dental professionals at to share three signs you might need your smile corrected. Of course, visiting your... ❯❯❯

Where to Get the Best Whitening Toothpaste

Shopping for health and beauty products is often a game composed of many compromises. There are plenty of specialized toothpaste on the market and finding a toothpaste that’s well-rounded can require you to make sacrifices in specific areas. That’s not even taking into account the harsh and potentially dangerous chemicals that are packed into so many toothpaste brands. But... ❯❯❯

A Guide to Proper Oral Hygiene

Oral hygiene is a thing that many people discuss today. To keep yourself confident, you'll want to ensure that you always your oral hygiene in check. Aside from ensuring that you brush your teeth daily, there are many other things that you should do to protect your oral health. Five steps to achieving proper oral hygiene While oral hygiene is an integral part of our daily lives, not many... ❯❯❯

An Easy Way to Get Rid of Wine Stains

Ever got embarrassed due to that purple stain on your teeth after drinking wine? Don’t worry, you’re not the only one. The sight of a beautiful glass of red wine seems exciting to all of us, but leaving behind that stain can be tricky. We are here to help you with ways on how you can continue to enjoy your drink while keeping your pearly whites intact. Clean your Teeth Beforehand. ... ❯❯❯

Is There A Link Between Oral Health & Heart Disease?

The heart and mouth don’t have much in common; that’s what most people think. However, they may actually be closely linked based on increasing evidence. For instance, heart valve infection and heart vessel inflammation can be triggered by the bacteria present in the mouth when they travel throughout the body. That being said, this post dives into the link between oral health and... ❯❯❯

How Your Mouth Bacteria Affects Your Brain

Did you know that some mouth bacteria can make its way into your brain? This horrific reality sounds like science fiction. But it is true. You have potentially 100s of types of bacteria in your mouth that cause dental problems and are able to travel to other parts of your body. This means that tooth decay and gum disease are not only oral health concerns. What Science Tells Us about Oral... ❯❯❯

6 Small Habits That Help You Age Well

As you get older, it's easy to get confused with all the aging advice floating around out there. For example, wine is good for you. Nope, wine is bad for you. You should be taking calcium supplements. Nope, you shouldn't be taking calcium supplements. With all of the advice that is good one day and not the next, it's no wonder people get confused. In reality, there are a few small habits that can... ❯❯❯

The Impact of Ageing on Teeth Health

In the era of forever 21 nobody can hold youth forever as ageing is an inescapable process. Ageing affects the whole body at certain levels but we tend to ignore the teeth health usually until we are the victim of ill fitted prosthesis. Receding of gums According to experts in elder care, the far most common problem is neglecting the periodontal health which includes our gums. Poor oral... ❯❯❯

A Dentist’s Advice on How to Prevent Oral Cancer

Our teeth should be our most prized possessions, but unfortunately, not everyone sees it that way and take them for granted. By this we mean, they do not look after them like they should and before you know it, it’s too late and you start to lose them all one by one and need to get dentures or implants added. There are many kinds of things that can happen to teeth when not looked after... ❯❯❯

When to Worry About Your Oral Health and Why to Use Braces?

Oral and dental health plays an important role while maintaining your overall health. Do you think if you are keeping the rest of your body in good shape but not looking after your dental and oral health and the rest of your body will not be affected? Well, go through this research paper that shows how dental and oral issues can directly cause heart deceases.  A few researchers have also... ❯❯❯