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What causes bad breath and how to prevent it?

It’s so uncomfortable to suffer from this disease that the feeling of withdrawal, both your own and external, towards another person fills you with frustration. As an individual, having bad breath is synonymous with poor oral hygiene, but sometimes, we ignore the fact that this situation can also be due to other causes.

The misuse of oral hygiene or cleaning methods or mechanisms can be one of the first triggers. Although in turn it can also be caused by poor digestion or gum problems and active bacteria in the oral cavity

How can you solve this problem that not only affects your physique but also your self-esteem? We will provide timely and specific responses in this content.

Causes of bad breath

Bad breath, or halitosis, is a problem that affects all people. It derives from thousands of reasons, but professionals in this field have managed to list some of the main causes of bad breath. It is necessary that to avoid these situations, you go to the dentist at least every six months.

According to dentists, the main mistake people make is avoiding medical consultation appointments to check their oral health. There are no excuses and there are currently millions of pages where you can get the best options to book your appointments for your health.

An example of these is Dental Solutions Algodones Dentist Mexico, which allows you to look at the best options in appointments with highly qualified professionals.

When we chew food, we consume particles that lodge inside the mouth, increasing the quality of life for bacteria. An example of foods with substances that are clearly affective to this situation are onion and garlic, which contain spicy ingredients that produce a bad taste and immediately bad breath.

Poor oral hygiene accelerates the odor process and increases the risk of mouth or throat infections that facilitate this reaction.

The excessive use of cigarettes or tobacco can generate serious pathologies that would give as the main symptom, bad breath.

Tips to prevent bad breath.

As already observed, bad breath can be due to thousands of reasons that contribute and feed, consciously and unconsciously, this bad mouth odor.

All that remains is to accept the situation and seek solutions, either by visiting the dentist as a first instance or by investigating reliable sources. As well as Los Algodones Dentists Guidee, which provides dental information that helps to improve oral hygiene through the viewer.

Now, we will provide the following tips to make your oral hygiene a good health option:

  • Brush our teeth three times a day: since during the course of the days we eat at different times, it is advisable to apply the correct brushing method after each meal. Breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  • Flossing every day of the week: this will remove all the food that remains between your teeth and gums, especially if you do not have a toothbrush handy.
  • Use of mouthwash: In some cases it will only hide the bad smell, but it will help to cope with the situation.
  • Visit the dentists: It is important to go to the doctor at least twice a year
  • Do not smoke: stay away from cigarettes or any product that contains tobacco, as they dry out the mouth and make the bad smell persist until after brushing.

Mistakes that we make when trying to eliminate the bad smell in the mouth

You may not realize it, but the least you think it is going to affect you is when it does the most damage. The oral cavity is so delicate that even the smallest false move can achieve greater consequence.

It’s a mistake to brush in a time of duration between 30 to 45 seconds, when really, it is important to apply the method for at least 2 minutes. Since doing the opposite, you would leave traces of substances that will turn into strong bacteria.

It’s not healthy to chew mints or eat sugar-free candies, since their main result is to camouflage the bad smell, but when the effect wears off, the consequence is much greater. Instead of using toothpicks to remove food debris, it is advisable to use dental floss.

It’s necessary to be aware that despite seeing this condition as something simple every day, it can turn into something serious and problematic. For more information, we recommend the following page, Clinicas dentales en Mexicali.

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