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How to Replace Your Dental Lumineers With Dental Veneers

Your smile is our top priority, and we know that there are times when dental Lumineers simply didn’t make the cut for some patients. It even happens after they have had the Lumineers placed on their teeth and for many, this leaves them questioning what the future of their smile is going to be like.

Don’t worry, we’ve got you as we woke up on a mission today. To show you how to replace your dental Lumineers with dental veneers. As well as what can be expected from the procedure and how much it costs to have your Lumineers removed and replaced.

Why would one want to remove their Lumineers in the first place?

·        An uncomfortable experience that doesn’t seem to be improving.

It’s common that during the first few days that follow having dental Lumineers out in by your dentist to experience a little bit of discomfort. Usually, after a few days, the discomfort will subside and allow you to get back to being comfortable.

·        Becoming rough along the edge(s) and hanging over where it shouldn’t be.

This can chip your dental Lumineers around the edge(s) as well as lead to tooth decay where the Lumineers were previously placed. This is often due to improper placement, but either way, it’s not something you should have to deal with. Especially since it makes it more difficult when it comes to brushing and flossing your teeth.

·        Damage to the Lumineers due to grinding one’s teeth or other situations.

When one grinds their teeth, it causes damage over time. When you have dental Lumineers in you could be at risk of damaging those if end up grinding your teeth. Other situations have caused some patients to experience damage to their Lumineers as well, but teeth grinding is one of the biggest causes of damaged dental Lumineers.

·        Increased tooth sensitivity, especially when drinking hot or cold drinks.

This is because of the enamel that your dentist removed before placing the dental Lumineers in your mouth. For the most part, it should go away fairly soon. However, if it doesn’t you might need to let your dentist know so that other options can be discussed.

·        The color may not be consistent with other teeth making it where they stand out.

Usually, this only happens over time. When the color changes to where it no longer blends in, your dentist will be unable to restore it to its original color. Should this happen there are dental Lumineers alternatives that you could take into consideration so this doesn’t reoccur.

 Can you just put new dental Lumineers over the old ones?

As long as you went with an experienced cosmetic dentist, you should not have any issues getting your old dental Lumineers removed without damaging the teeth. The ultimate qualifier here is that when your dental Lumineers were placed, how much enamel did your dentist shave down? This has a lot to do with whether or not you could just go with traditional dental veneers.

How do I go about getting my dental Lumineers removed?

First things first, seek out a highly skilled cosmetic dental practice so that you have the dentist with the touch that’s needed for the best results. The teeth that had Lumineers on them may need to be polished by your dentist using a high-speed dental tool afterward. If the tooth (or teeth) that is being considered for dental veneers instead of Lumineers.

Is it best to replace Lumineers with porcelain veneers?

This depends on the current state of the teeth that you were using dental Lumineers for as well as the reason that you’re seeking a replacement option. If it’s because of discomfort, ongoing sensitivity, or anything of that nature you might consider veneers.

You also have to make sure there is enough enamel for Lumineers to bond to, should you replace them with a new set of the same kind. If there isn’t enough enamel to put in a new set of dental Lumineers you are left with using dental Veneers as the replacement option. In cases where there is a lot of enamel gone, you might have to consider dental crowns, but this is rarely the case.

All in all, it depends on your situation and whether the Lumineers will be able to be installed for the second time without causing serious damage to your teeth. A sure-fire way to discover whether this is the case or not is to have a chat with your dentist about the best options for your particular situation.

Does insurance cover the cost of switching from Lumineers to veneers?

Only if it is a medically necessary procedure, but if it’s only for cosmetic purposes your insurance company might not be willing to help you out with the bill. For dental patients who have insurance that’s willing to cover the replacement of Lumineers with veneers, it’s common that they will only pay up to half of the grand total. The rest of the balance left behind by them will be your responsibility.

Since different types of insurance come with different requirements and usability, the best way to see if they’ll help you out with the cost of removing Lumineers and placing veneers is to give your insurance company a call. Or you could always give your local dental office a call since they could guide you too.

The key to a great experience is to embrace a skilled cosmetic dentist.

When it comes to any type of tooth restoration method, it’s a mix of art and science so to speak. A dentist that specializes in veneers will have the artistic touch needed to provide the most natural look possible as well as the skills needed to ensure a successful placement. Here at Best Dental, we’re not only one of the most cost-efficient dental practices in Houston, but we have a lot of experience too.

With over 15 years under our belt, it’s safe to say that we have handled tooth restoration of all types and all levels of complexity. This includes Lumineers replacement using dental veneers. Give our office a shout at 281-762-0637 to get the ball rolling and have us replace your dental Lumineers.

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