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What is Root Canal Therapy?

Root Canal is a modern orthodontics treatment that has brought in a breakthrough when it comes to maintaining your dentals. It is not only quick and painless but it can also save your damaged tooth, which prior to this was quite impossible to fathom. Every year dentists prescribe millions for root canal therapy to do away with problems arising from damaged tooth. Therefore it is now treated as a regular procedure with almost zero risks involved. It takes away the pain and ensures normal functioning of the tooth for several decades to come, sometimes even a lifetime.

In order to know more about the root canal in Mission Viejo, we need to know more about the tooth and its formation. Our teeth are extremely hard – they are even harder and more durable than bones. It owes its hardness to the outer covering material of the tooth which is known as enamel. It is one of the hardest naturally occurring substances and it protects the tooth from any foreign harm or damage. However, the entire tooth is not formed of this enamel. Beneath the enamel there is another very hard layer called dentin and beneath it are soft tissues called pulp. These tissues are the reason why the tooth grows. They have blood vessels and connective tissues along with nerve endings.

The process of root canal is now so much evolved from the age old dental treatment procedures which used to give us nightmares as a kid. It has nothing to do with heavy instruments and the world of pain. The efficient and precise instruments of modern dentistry and the expertise of the dentists cure you within no time. A couple of sittings and seemingly painless treatment will make those days of unbearable pain history and you will be back to your normal life all smiles. Eating with effective chewing with a normal bite force is restored and the natural appearance of your teeth is also maintained. In short, your teeth will go back apparently to its previous natural state and all your dental trouble will be alleviated.

The root canal restores your tooth to normal state and it can endure stress just like any natural teeth would do. However in some rare cases there might be need for further treatment depending on your condition. Often we find our teeth suffering from new ailments. There can be trauma or decay. Also the canals in your teeth might broaden up leading to loose fillings. This in turn might lead to infection and therefore further treatment might be necessary. In some cases the tooth may have additional canals which are impossible to access during the initial procedure. Such cases may need you to go back to your dentist later and fix the problem. But the advancement of medical sciences has made sure that none of your problems will be left unanswered.

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