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Invisalign – The Success Story

Invisalign is primarily used for misaligned or crooked teeth which apart from being unsightly can also lead to serious problems sometimes. It often becomes extremely difficult to clean the teeth and maintain regular oral hygiene. Simple problems like this can be the force behind more complicated and severe conditions like periodontal disease. In such cases you not only risk losing your teeth but can also suffer damage to both gums and bones. Braces used to be the most common corrective measure to treat misalignment of teeth until recently. However, with the introduction of Invisalign into the market people can correct misaligned teeth without resorting to techniques that wrap their teeth in metals and wires. Though conventional braces were used to align teeth, there is no denying the fact that they looked unattractive and were extremely uncomfortable to wear, being almost painful. Hence, while children mostly complained of the discomfort associated with putting on braces, adults found the embarrassment it caused more difficult to bear. As braces have been in use for ages, there always seemed to be a silent prayer for something transparent or invisible but equally effective to take care of the misalignment. You may consider invisalign in Cypress, CA | Pure Cypress Dentist for your treatment.

Invisalign or the clear aligners invented around 1997-1998 by a California-based company Align Technology was first introduced to the public in between 2000 and 2001. The invisible method to align the teeth using removable transparent aligners was the answer to the prayers of the people who dreaded and struggled with the braces. As soon as this orthodontic product hit the market it seemed to offer people what they wanted and wished for since time unknown. This method uses a pair of clear aligners which has to be removed every two weeks and replaced with a new pair that would draw the teeth closer to the desired alignment. In this way the desired alignment is achieved in a slow progressive manner.

This was the first time that people could imagine an alternative to small chunks of unsightly metal when they thought of aligning their teeth. The braces not only have a problematic appearance but they can make simple activities like eating and speaking uncomfortable. But the fact that Invisalign is removable really boosted the comfort factor of this device as against the braces. As for appearance, Invisalign surely did everything the name stands for and that is “invisible” – “aligners”. If anyone was wearing Invisalign there is no way you could notice that which gave people the confidence to opt for treating misalignment without associating the process with the dreadful braces. The fact that you could not remove braces once they are placed on to your teeth until the results were achieved really interfered with the level of freedom people enjoyed with their teeth once they decided to get braces but the Invisalign changed all of that. This gave people the opportunity to avail the comfort of removing the aligners when deemed necessary.

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