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Veneers Singapore: Do you have to Brush Veneers?

Veneers may be your best bet if you're looking for a low maintenance option for restoring your smile if it's impacted by dental problems like cracked or discolored teeth, among others. Some of them are non-porous, so you can rest assured that they will easily resist complications like cavities and permanent stains that may easily impact your natural teeth.

Even though the veneers have better resistance to stains and cavities than your natural teeth, they still need to be maintained. Ideally, when consulting for veneers in Singapore, you can expect the dentist to give you guidelines on how you can take care of your veneers.

Do you still have to brush your teeth if you have Veneers?

Your dental veneers can last for 10 to 15 years if you maintain them well. Therefore, proper hygiene is one of the things you can expect your dentist to emphasize when giving you the guidelines for taking care of the veneers.

With that being said, you will still have to brush your teeth even if you have veneers. This will help keep your mouth healthy and extend the life of the veneers.

When choosing your veneers in Singapore, you will find out that veneers are basically decay-resistant. Now, even though they are decay-resistant, you will still need to brush your teeth because some parts of your teeth may still be exposed.

The exposed areas are definitely at risk of tooth decay, implying that you will need to take good care of them to avoid such complications. It is also imperative to understand that there are different types of veneers; composite and porcelain veneers.

If you get composite veneers in Singapore, there are chances these veneers would get stained over time. Ideally, you'd get stains on the veneers if you consume or use agents which can cause staining on natural teeth like coffee, red wine, and tea.

If you smoke, too, your veneers may develop brownish or yellowish stains. You can minimize the chances of your composite veneers getting stained by limiting your use of substances that may stain your teeth.

Alternatively, you may also brush the teeth after every meal to minimize the risks of staining. If you get porcelain veneers, though, you can be assured that they won't be impacted by stains easily.

This is because they're made with powerful materials that are stain-resistant. Perhaps your only concern would be areas of your teeth that the veneers may not fully cover.

These areas are those narrow spaces between the veneers and your tooth enamel. Staining of this region will most commonly be a problem if your dentist left that space noticeable. You can brush your teeth regularly to prevent the formation of such stains.

Having said all that, it is easy to see that veneers need maintenance. If you're contemplating getting veneers in Singapore, here are a few more tips that you will find helpful in taking care of your veneers.

●       Maintain good Oral Hygiene

To ensure that your veneers look flawless for as many years as possible, be sure to practice excellent oral hygiene. Other than helping you keep your veneers from potentially getting stained, good oral hygiene will help you minimize the risks of getting gum disease.

It is important that you keep gum disease at bay because if you get it, one of the effects you may have to struggle with is receding of gums. If this happens, some part of your veneers will get exposed.

You don't want to go through this because it will impact your veneer's overall appearance and, even worse off, make you self-conscious of your smile again. In regards to oral hygiene, your choice of toothbrush and toothpaste are also important if you want your veneers to stand the test of time.

It is advisable that you use soft toothbrushes if you have veneers. The hard-bristled toothbrushes aren't recommendable because there is a risk of the toothbrushes damaging the polish applied on the veneers.

You will also need to be keen on your choice of toothpaste after getting veneers in Singapore. Again, it is appropriate that you avoid any toothpaste formulated with harsh abrasives.

There is a risk of the abrasives also damaging the polish applied on your veneers. If you are not sure about the best type of toothbrush or toothpaste to use, be sure to consult with your dentist. They will recommend some of the best options you can try.

●       Do Not Chew on Hard Objects

One of the common considerations when confirming if you are a good candidate for veneers in Singapore is ensuring that you do not clench or grind your teeth when you sleep. This condition is known as bruxism.

Grinding or clenching on your teeth increases the risk of damage to your veneers. They may get chipped or broken, which may also increase your risks of injuries.

If you do not struggle with bruxism, do not chew on hard objects with the veneers. Some of the things you must not chew on include fingernails, plastics, or even pencils.

●       See a Doctor if your Veneers are Damaged

You will also still need regular dental checkups after getting your veneers in Singapore. Your dentist will examine your gums and teeth to ensure that they're healthy.

Importantly, they will also examine the veneers to ensure that they're in perfect condition. If there is any need for repairing the veneers, they will also repair them.

Visiting your dentist will also be necessary if you suspect that the veneers could be damaged. You can only be sure that they're in the right condition after being examined by the dentist. Again if there's any need, they may recommend repairing the veneers.

●       If you are a Smoker, Quit Smoking

Even though your porcelain veneers can do an excellent job maintaining that pearly white appearance, they may come short of protecting you from gum disease and gum recession. Smoking increases your risks of getting gum disease since it affects the attachment of your teeth to the bone and soft tissue. Besides, it limits oxygen in your bloodstream, thereby impacting your gum tissue cells' normal functions.

Final Word

It is still necessary to brush your teeth if you get veneers. Get in touch with us to learn more about the treatment or schedule your treatment.

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