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Unnerving Dental Procedures: Extractions, Root Canal, and Dental Implants

Our smiles are easily among the most effective devices that we use to navigate our social world. We use it mainly to convey our happiness or approval. In many situations, we also use it to welcome others, and to make them feel at ease around us.

Because of the smile’s many social functions, it isn’t surprising that it gets a lot of attention. Many argue that it is among the first things that people notice in person. With this, many are conscious about the quality of the smiles that they flash on others. Specifically, people want straight, white teeth.

Now, there are a lot of dental procedures that are aimed at making the teeth look more appealing. In this article, we shed light on three of the most dreaded dental procedures.

Dental Extractions

A dental extraction is recommended when one or more of your teeth are beyond saving. They have to be removed so that they won’t infect your other teeth. A decaying tooth can also invite other forms of infections, especially when food and other foreign substances enter the body through the mouth.

Many people are afraid of extractions because they involve needles and blood; sometimes lots of it. Although the dentist knows a lot of techniques that help minimize bleeding, we simply can’t get rid of all the blood.

Now, even if extractions are common, you will still want your dentist to be very careful when performing this procedure. For one, they should know just how much anesthesia is needed to keep the procedure free from pain. If you notice some irregularities in your care that lead to harm, do not hesitate to seek the help of a competent malpractice lawyer, such as those from

Root Canal

A root canal therapy is about removing inflamed or infected dental pulp (that cannot heal on its own) inside the tooth. In order to do this, the dentist has to drill a small hole into the tooth so that they can insert the tool that will clean the tooth from the inside. When the permanently damaged pulp is removed, the dentist then refills the cavity with a rubbery filing material that is known as gutta percha.

What makes this procedure unnerving is the fact that it takes a lot of time to complete. Some patients spend around two hours in the dental chair for this. Fortunately, there are dentists that recommend breaking down the procedure into a few manageable visits.

Dental Implants

As said, our smiles have important social functions. It’s totally understandable for us to want to have the perfect smile! When we’ve gone through some tooth extractions, the next best thing is to have dental implants to replace the ones we lost. This procedure requires a major surgery that might take hours. There is also a lot of recovery time needed.

Taking care of our smiles is important, given the many social functions that such smiles have. There are many dental procedures that help us, and some, such as the ones discussed above, are just scarier and far more complex than others.

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