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Having Toothache At Night? Go See Your Emergency Dentist

A toothache by itself is enough to give you a painful experience. However, when you get a toothache in the middle of the night, the discomfort magnifies if you do not have access to to an emergency dentist at that hour. A night toothache makes staying or falling asleep extremely difficult and keep you painfully tossing and turning. One of the reasons why a toothache becomes worse at night, is that the increased rush of blood in your head when you lie down to sleep, increase the pressure from a tooth ache. This forms a serious impediment in your daily routine and significantly affects your work schedule. The more you ignore a toothache, the more it will keep on increasing and come to a point where you are faced with a situation of excruciating pain. There are many reasons why you might experience a toothache at night, some of which are shared below.

Causes of toothache at night

  • Sinus infection

If you have a sinus condition, you may experience tooth pain due to drainage from this infection.

  • Tooth decay

When your tooth decays due to the presence of bacteria, it exposes the nerves which can cause excruciating pain.

  • Uncleaned food pieces

If you don’t brush your teeth after a hearty dinner, some food pieces may be lodged in your teeth, and build pressure against the teeth, leading to an unbearable toothache.

  • Grinding of teeth

If you have the habit of clenching or grinding your teeth at night, it may lead to a toothache at this unearthly hours.

  • Wisdom teeth

Wisdom teeth usually break out through the gums at an odd angle and can cause unbearable pain, especially at night.

  • Gum disease

If you suffer from periodontal disease or gingivitis, there is a higher probability of a toothache at night.

How to stop a toothache at night

We all know how bad a night toothache can be, and how it can keep you up all night with pain that ranges from somewhat bearable to completely unbearable. Which is why it is extremely important that you have a ready list of all emergency dentists within comfortable driving distance from your home. The moment you feel that your toothache is getting from bad to worse, you must immediately call the nearest emergency dentist or you can just contact us at With excruciating pain in your teeth, you will surely not be able to drive on our own, so it’s advisable to get someone else to drive you down to the emergency dentist clinic. An emergency dentist will immediately attend to your toothache and administer the medication necessary to stop the pain and ease your discomfort.

Natural ways to stop a night toothache

Sometimes, for some or the other reason, you might not have immediate access to an emergency dentist for addressing your painful night toothache. In such a scenario, we suggest you try any one of the following temporary remedies. Do remember, that you must visit the nearest emergency dentist the very next day for facilitating a permanent remedy to your painful night toothache.

Salt water rinse

Being a natural antibacterial agent, salt water helps in reducing the inflammation around the painful tooth and protecting the damaged tooth from further infection. Also, any food particle which is lodged in your teeth will loosen and come out when you rinse your mouth with salt water.

Cold compress

To instantly relieve the pain caused by your night toothache, we suggest using a cold compress for constricting the blood vessels in the area from where the pain is emanating.

Peppermint flavoured tea bags

For numbing the pain of your night toothache and soothing the sensitive gums, keep a used tea bag in the freezer for some time, then apply it gently to the tooth which is paining.

Vanilla extract

The proven antioxidant properties of vanilla, and also the fact that it contains alcohol, makes it a potent fighter against night tooth ache. You can apply a small quantity of vanilla extract to the affected tooth with a cotton ball, at regular intervals during the day.

Clove oil

Clove contains a natural antiseptic called eugenol, which play an effective role in reducing inflammation and numbing pain. Take some clove oil on a cotton ball and keep on applying it to the tooth which is paining, multiple times a day.


The strong antibacterial properties of allicin, the chief compound in garlic, may play a significant role in eliminating those bacteria in your mouth that are causing the painful night toothache.

Head elevation

Elevating your head by keeping an extra pillow underneath can reduce the pooling of blood in your head and substantially lessen the pain, which will help you fall asleep.

Temporary medication

For temporary relief from your night toothache, you can also take a non-prescription pain-killer from your chemist.

However, you must remember that all the above suggestions are only temporary in nature and not the permanent cure for your night toothache. A toothache needs urgent medical attention as it may require a dental surgical procedure such as a tooth extraction or a root canal treatment for saving the natural tooth. Dealing all by yourself with a night toothache can turn out to be a painful experience. Home remedies are only a temporary solution for helping you get some sleep at night. If you experience a tooth ache at night for 2 days in a row, we strongly suggest that you consult an emergency dentist for a detailed diagnosis and begin the recommended treatment. Which is why you need to keep the contact details of a couple of emergency dentists ready with you for reaching out to in case of a night toothache emergency.       

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