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What to Do Before a Dentist Cleaning

 Not many of you think about your oral care regime until it is time to meet your dentist. As the date for the regular visit closes by, you have lot of things going on in your mind. You get concerned about how good you have been in taking care of your teeth and what should be done before you visit the dentist.

Things to Do before Visiting Dentist

There are many simple things that need to be done and some which you have to avoid before your next cleaning regime at You can follow these tips to get everything right and stop worrying about your visit to the dentist.

  • Brushing Your Teeth: It is always advisable to brush your teeth after every meal.  You can follow your usual pattern of brushing your teeth every day. However brushing your teeth more than usual makes it harder for the dentist to identify the problem spots. Your dentist will not be able to find the teeth areas which have left over food stuck in it. Generally if there is going to be a problem of tooth decay your dentist may advise you on the way of brushing your teeth to avoid tooth decay in future.
  • Whitening Your Teeth: You may feel insecure about your teeth before your regular dentist visit and might decide to whiten your teeth so that they look better. Let me tell you that a dentist is not there to judge you. They are the people who are going to help you out. When you whiten your teeth they became very sensitive which in turn leads to a painful cleaning of your teeth. Teeth whitening should always be done after the cleaning. So ask your dentist to do it for you in the right way.
  • Not Going To A Dentist Empty Stomach: Always make sure that you have eaten a high protein meal before a long dental appointment. As you would want to make sure you don’t feel weak in the middle of the cleaning procedure. Some people are so stressed out that they feel hungry which makes it worse for them to go through the dental cleaning as it is very uncomfortable to sit for a long time when you are really hungry.
  • Calling Sick: If you are sick you should be home. Reschedule or cancel the appointment for the dentist. You would not like the dentist or the other people schedule for the appointment to suffer, as you are not aware if your sickness is contagious. Adding to that when the cleaning is done it involves scraping of the gum line as the tarter needs to be discarded. During this process the gum line is irritated which may cause small amount of bacteria to enter your blood stream causing you more weakness as your immunity has already hit on the low side.
  • Make Notes: Make notes of the things you want to ask your dentist about the condition of your teeth and explain it to your dentist when you visit them.

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