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Reasons to Take Care of Your Teeth and Regularly Go to the Dentist

Taking care of our dental health on a daily basis can make a huge difference when it comes to avoiding and dealing with conditions and diseases related to them. Sadly, dental health habits inside of the United States have been affected over the last couple of years, and there’s a huge difference in comparison to how things were back in the day.

More often than not, people inside of the United States brush their teeth twice a day. This is good enough for most cases, since it is the recommended amount of times people should do it on a daily basis, one time after waking up and one time before going to sleep. However, only around 69% of Americans do this! This means that around 30% of Americans brush only one time per day, and even less on some occasions!

And whether you want to accept it or not, there’s a huge difference when you brush your teeth after waking up and just before sleep, since not doing so greatly increases the chances of cavities and many more dental problems.

Another thing to add to the table is the fact that not a lot of people are visiting their dentists enough, and most citizens actually only go for it whenever they need to see dental services, which is a no-no if you truly want to enjoy healthy dental habits.

That is why, in this article, we will showcase some of the reasons why you should take more care of your teeth, and why you should regularly go to the dentist. With that being said, let’s talk about the first thing that comes to mind: Brushing.

The Science Behind Brushing Your Teeth

The main reason why people should brush their teeth daily is because of cavities. You see, our teeth are often covered by a layer of bacteria that is known as plaque. This is caused by the food we eat, the beverages we drink, and even our saliva is capable of producing a certain level of plaque.

When this plaque is left alone, depending on how intense the situation is and how often you perform healthy dental habits, it will weaken your teeth to the point of causing what is known as a cavity, a hole that is caused by the bacteria pretty much consuming a tooth.

At times, plaque can also greatly affect the gums, and brushing can stimulate it to help it get rid of this plaque, and become stronger in the process, making the gums more resistant to bacteria.

Plaque can also get hardened over time, causing tartar in the process, which are described as hard calcified deposits of plaque that can cover your teeth and your gums.

The effect plaque has in your mouth is also worsened during the night, which is the reason why it is always recommended to brush them right before sleeping, and after waking up.

Other Things You Should Do Besides Brushing

Of course, there are other things you can do to improve your teeth and avoid cavities. There’s a combination of healthy dental habits as well as lifestyle changes that can significantly improve your dental health. Some really good examples include:

  • Gently floss your teeth to remove plaque from tight spaces that your brush usually cannot reach, especially in between your teeth. You should be gentle and careful, and try to floss every day or at least 2 or 3 times per week.

  • Use mouthwash, a very good way to kill off bacteria and improve the essence of your breath. Mouthwash can be described as the coup de grace when it comes to healthy dental habits since it is what tops off the job done by both flossing and brushing your teeth.

  • Cleaning your tongue is a very good way to keep your breath fresh and get rid of an incredible accumulation of bacteria. A tongue scraper is often recommended, but nowadays you can find brushes with tongue cleaners, so you might as well use one of those.

If you are interested in learning how to do these three things as efficiently as possible, you should definitely check out for more details on the matter.

Now, there’s another aspect of improving your mental health that a lot of people tend to ignore: Lifestyle. Smoking is, for example, a very harmful thing to do for your dental health, and there are some different types of food and drinks that can increase the accumulation of bacteria inside of your mouth, and taint your teeth.

Generally speaking, avoiding cigarettes, sugary drinks and food reducing the amount of alcohol you drink, and eating teeth-cleaning food and snacks are some of the things you can do. Sugar-free chewing gum, apples, and broccoli are well known for being healthy snacks you can eat to clean your teeth!

Visiting the Dentist More Often

Now, no matter how hard you try, you will never be able to clean your teeth as perfectly as a professional would do, thus, it is recommended to visit a dentist every now and then.

Although some dentists recommend at least 4 visits to the dentist every year, as shown over here, the best thing you can do is visit the dentist at least 2 times a year, every 6 months.

Visiting the dentist is not only a matter of getting your teeth cleaned on a more indeep, professional level. It is also a matter of checking out their situation to see if there are any cavities or problems to tackle down.

Getting your teeth cleaned on a more professional level is also very likely to enhance their aesthetic value, making them feel better, look better, and get a lot healthier in the process, which for some people, is an absolute must!

Some people are scared of visiting dentists, though. This is fairly acceptable since they can be scary at times, but if you take care of your dental health and you don’t have any cavities, the chances of ending up in a painful, traumatizing appointment with the dentist are very low.

And if you are dealing with a cavity, the faster you get it treated, the less pain you will have to tolerate, so it's always better to have it treated as soon as possible!

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