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Overcoming Your Fear of the Dentists Drill

We all have things that instil fear within us, cause us stress and anxiety and sleepless nights. It can be something as small as a fear of insects or animals to a deeper fear that affects our safety or causes us pain or discomfort.

The fear of the dentist is something that affects a high percentage of people as we often associate a trip to the dentist with the use of drills, extensive work and discomfort in the mouth. The noises, the smells, the entire procedure can be the components that lead to an overwhelming fear of the dentist and the work that is often a necessity.

There are some of us that are fortunate enough to escape the need for dental work, whether it is due good oral health and hygiene or being blessed with good strong teeth. In spite of all of this, there are often times that dental procedures cannot be avoided such as wisdom teeth removal. Even those with the most perfectly healthy teeth may need to have the teeth removed, as they are a common problem area for so many people.

As with any fear, there are ways to overcome the problem. A fear will not simply disappear if it is genuine, it is something that needs work and focus to overcome and to prevent the fear from becoming irrational and affecting our lives.

Methods and Techniques

  • Choose your dentist wisely. Look at their reputation, rely on recommendations from friends and family and conduct thorough research to ensure you are happy with your choice
  • Once you have chosen a potential dentist, ask if you can visit their practice and talk to them, even mentioning your fears
  • Make an appointment that is early in the morning so you don’t have all day to dwell on what lies ahead
  • Take someone with you for support and to hold your hand whilst you feel at your most vulnerable
  • Build up to any work that you may need, start with something small such as a clean and a polish before you allow fillings and extractions to take place to build your confidence in the dentist and the procedures
  • Talk to your dentist about the areas that concern you the most and ask to be talked through each stage so you are constantly aware of what is happening and what to expect
  • Make regular trips to begin to ease the fears you have, each time you go successfully will begin to chip away at the overwhelming worry
  • Looking after your teeth will dramatically limit the amount of work that you will need done
  • If the fear shows no sign of easing, if you have a set back or are facing extensive dental work then consider talking to a counsellor to face your fears more rationally and calmly

Your teeth and dental hygiene are important. Not only do your teeth shape the way your face looks but good teeth gives a good overall impression of your appearance. They are also something that you will need for the duration of your life and it is important not to overlook their importance or you face a future of dentures and false teeth. Dental work is often necessary and can even ease your discomfort or pain that you may be feeling. No one particularly enjoys a trip to the dentist but it is a fear the can so easily be overcome and your teeth should not be negatively impacted as a result of your concerns.

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