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5 Healthy Teeth Whitening Options

Although most people absolutely hate those twice-yearly trips to the dentist, everyone wants the bright, shiny smile that consistent dental care provides. But what happens if you brush after every meal, floss daily and still don’t seem to have the gleaming white smile you desire? It’s tough to look at advertising and television for a comparison, as those models and actors spend tens of thousands of dollars to get that look. They often have extensive dental work, and sometimes even cap their teeth to create an unnaturally perfect smile. In addition, many people try out harsh chemical whitening treatments that may brighten your smile but also provide some concerning side effects. If you’d like to see some improvement without risking things that are bad for your health, try out one of these five healthy teeth whitening options.

First of all, consider upping your intake of raw vegetables and fruits. On one hand you’ll receive all sorts of vitamins and minerals you might not be getting consistently, and that will certainly improve your oral health and help maintain your enamel. But crispy, crunch fruits and vegetables also act as natural abrasives. They’ll polish your choppers every time you chew, and even pull some surface-level stains off of the enamel. They also won’t erode your teeth like harsh chemical treatments can. In addition, eating fruits and vegetables helps increase your saliva level, and that will protect your teeth from a build-up of bacteria that can cause cavities.

Another great options is something you probably already have at home, and that’s baking soda. Chances are you’ve noticed this is a key ingredient in many of the toothpastes that promise whitening qualities. You can cut to the chase by creating your own tooth stain remover right at home. Just mix up a paste made of lemon juice and baking soda. Brush it right on your teeth as if it were toothpaste, and then let it sit for a minute. Brush again and rinse to clean it off your teeth. You’ll pull off surface stains with the baking soda, and bleach your teeth thanks to the citric acid in the lemon. It has a significant effect, so keep this process to once a week at the most.

Unless you’re a vegan, chances are cheese is one of your favorite foods. Who doesn’t love a nice, gooey grilled cheese sandwich? Well, you should be thrilled to find out that cheese can actually help brighten your smile. Cheese and other milk products contain casein, which is a protein that works alongside things like phosphate and calcium to improve the strength of the enamel on your teeth. The stronger the enamel, the less stains will be able to get down into the dentin of your teeth. This is a fantastic preventative measure that might help you avoid having to rely on teeth whitening products at all.

Here’s a strange one for you. You can actually brush your teeth with crushed up strawberries to whiten your teeth. How exactly is that possible? It seems like that would stain your teeth. But berries contain a ton of vitamin C, which will pull away plaque while the malic acid in the berries draws the stains off the surface of your teeth. Just crush up the berries and apply a layer with your tooth brush. Give it five minutes before a thorough rinsing with water. This is another option you should only go for once a week.

These are great home remedies, but nothing beats consist oral care. Your dentist is a fantastic resource here. Ask for recommendations for the best toothbrush, floss and natural paste options. Follow his or her suggestions to the letter, and take your time with these efforts. Brush for a full minute after every meal, and you won’t give the foods and drinks that most frequently stain your teeth the time to do any damage. It’s not a shocking answer, but one you could probably be following more closely.

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