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How frequently should you visit your dentist in Logan, UT?

Our parents have told us to brush twice a day, after meals and after eating desserts, ever since we were children. Very few of us brush the necessary number of times, let alone floss regularly. Sadly, not many adults know how to brush correctly, although that is something most of us do out of muscle memory every morning. We are all guilty of using mouthwash as a replacement for brushing multiple times a day. We might want to deny these facts outright, but the sensitivity in our teeth, the pain while eating something cold and the occasional bleeding from the gums tells otherwise.

There was a time when we were terrified of visiting dentists. Well, that time still exists. Not many adults are comfortable speaking with the dentist or fixing appointments for themselves. That usually stems from dreadful experiences many kids had had when dentists had to set their braces, adjust them, fill in cavities or perform root canals. Right now, the technology is smarter than it used to be before. Thus, all these procedures are less painful and less time consuming as well.

Why should you visit the dentist?

If you are already experiencing the following problems, it might be time for you to visit in Logan, UT.

  • You are experiencing gum or tooth pain that is not going away.
  • You have a cavity, or you have lost a filling.
  • You are experiencing mouth dryness regularly.
  • Something is wrong with an old root canal or a dental implant.
  • Your jaw is making clicking noises, or you have pain.
  • Your teeth are excessively sensitive to temperature.
  • Your teeth and gums have changed color over the last couple of weeks.

How frequently should you visit a dental surgeon?

There is no reason for kids and adults not to visit the dentist anymore. Regular visits usually refer to one visit per six months for children of a growing age and at least once a year for adults. The visiting frequency will vary for adults depending on the condition of their teeth. If you have rapidly forming plaques, dental bleeding, and multiple cavities, then the dentist might ask you to come in for frequent visits to keep your condition in check. There are other conditions for regular visits and that include –

  • Pregnancy – the surge of hormones during pregnancy can cause inflammation in your gums and lead to bleeding or discomfort.
  • Smoking – tobacco and the other chemicals in cigarettes are harmful to your teeth and gums. Smoking increases your chances of getting peridontitis.
  • You are undergoing cancer treatment – chemotherapy, hormone therapy, radiation, and other cancer treating drugs can cause problems in oral health.
  • Heart disorders – dental health and cardiac health share a close relationship. Frequent dental checkups can help you keep a tab on your cardiac health, and reduce the chance of a cardiac arrest.
  • HIV infection – if you are HIV positive, several diseases take this opportunity to infect your system. The chances of attracting oral diseases, dental decay and other fungal infections of the mouth increase significantly.

Most of us do not take dental health seriously. However, these can be indicators of covert health problems you have been having. A dentist can not only help you treat your teeth or gum conditions, he or she can also help you understand the cause of your current problem.

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