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It’s good to start Orthodontic treatment during teen years

Whoever said that "you can light up the world with your smile," is correct! And it's not that one has to be born with the best smile possible. It's more about having a healthy laugh, flashing those pearly white clean teeth and a healthy gum. But unfortunately, not every one of us has the luck to sport an impressive smile. Sometimes it's some dental misalignment gone wrong during birth or childhood, and sometimes it's a fatal accident that caused much harm to the jawline. Regardless, of the cause that resulted in dental discomfort, we always have advanced orthodontic treatments available today to help us out. And the field of orthodontics claims that it's best to address dental issues during teenage times.

Orthodontic Treatment and Teenage

Most people have undergone their orthodontics treatment during their teens! Individuals within the age group of 12 and 17, represent over a half of two million orthodontic situations in the U.S today. And according to research and studies by the American Association of Orthodontics, the U.S teen population is witnessing dental issues more than ever. It's not just about genetics, but also eating habits, poor dental hygiene, and an erratic lifestyle.

Many teens face the problem of misaligned teeth. Their teeth can be crooked, twisted and not have an aligned fit. When these problems get addressed and resolved, it enhances the smile. Furthermore, it improves the total oral health, which is a more significant gain any day. It boosts confidence as well. The moment our teeth are well aligned, it becomes easy to clean. And simultaneously, the chances of gum ailments and other cavities reduce drastically. The new age orthodontist makes use of x-rays and can decide on the orthodontic treatment that will be best for a teen. If you are keen to know more on this, you can browse through Pitner Orthodontics Columbia SC and learn more.

Problems that Orthodontic Treatments Can Cure

Different teen comes with various issues to the orthodontist. The treatment varies based on the requirement of the patient. Few essential pointers concerning the same are as follows:

  • Based on the teeth placement of the patient and the seriousness of the dental issue, the treatment time varies. It could be anything between 12 and 24 months as well. And for some people, it might just wrap up in six months.
  • Some teens who might have undergone the Phase I orthodontic treatment earlier.
  • Caring for teeth while the treatment is on is essential. Equally important is to care for your braces. It makes an immense difference in the treatment duration. So, it is necessary to adhere to the instructions given by the orthodontic to enjoy healthy teeth and gums later.

Teens and Braces

One of the common types of orthodontic treatment that teens undergo is braces. And there are various choices they have here. The important ones are as follows:

  • Ceramic Braces
  • Traditional metal braces
  • Lingual Braces
  • Invisalign

Children and Dental Care

Expert orthodontics recommends that it is essential for children to get into dental care by age 7. During this age group, children experience their first set of permanent incisors and molars. It generally occurs in a crossbite manner. That aside, there can be other issues too prevalent during this time that can get assessed and resolved. If the child opts in for early treatment, then the Orthodontist can look for the following aspects:

  • A misplaced tooth that needs correction
  • Pacifier, thumb or any other oral habit
  • Mouth breathing
  • Losing baby teeth too early or late
  • The difficulty faced while eating, biting or chewing
  • A jawline that isn't proportionate with the face
  • Abnormally paired up teeth
  • A jaw which makes a sound while both closing and opening
  • Issues with tooth development and jaw growth
  • Overlapping teeth
  • Teeth grinding

Why Should You Say Yes to Orthodontic Treatment?

There are many reasons why people should resort to orthodontic treatments. The treatment straightens teeth and fixes them in an apt position. A pair of healthy teeth is always a mark of a healthy body. Furthermore, when you can flash that dazzling white smile that is healthy, you can exude all the smartness and confidence. It gives you a personality of your own. The treatment is effective in giving you a better bite that can efficiently reduce the wear and tear.

Starting Orthodontic Treatment during Adolescent

It’s a smart call to start the orthodontic treatment for your child during adolescence. Today, most children aged between 9 and 16 begin their dental treatment phase, to enjoy impressive white teeth that healthy and free from germs and cavities. When a child is 12 years of age, the majority of the permanent teeth would have come out. And this is the perfect time for orthodontists to scan through the child’s teeth structure and check for any gaps, crooked structure, bad breath, improper bites and many more. Unlike other health issues, these dental problems don't correct themselves. They need expert medical assistance that orthodontists can offer.

Furthermore, adolescence is a perfect time for starting orthodontic treatment. It is the formative years for children, both mentally and physically. Any misalignment related to the teeth structure or the jawline is easy to heal and resolve. Also, the earlier one starts the treatment, the better the foundation for healthy teeth and gums can get built. It safeguards children from aggravating their gums and teeth.

Children often get judged and bullied because of their teeth structure in schools. And if this problem persists then, it can cost on their confidence and self-esteem as well. Besides, correcting dental issues early during teens is better, as you can enjoy healthy teeth and gums all through your late 30's and 40's. Also, during teenagers have better metabolism, and this helps in the success of the dental treatment. Today, several dental care clinics and centers provide advanced orthodontic treatment for both children and adult. As you are opt-in for your dental check-up, you can take your son/daughter in his/her teens for a test up and start their treatment as well. 

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