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Why are Face Shields So Important for Dentists?

Have you ever been to your dentist's clinic for your teeth cleaning appointment, and you've noticed your dentists are wearing face shields over their face? While it can make you feel uncomfortable as it seems like the procedure will be intense, you should put your worries away as it's only a standard part of their attire, and they have to wear it for specific reasons. 

When you visit a dental clinic, you'll probably notice that it's one of the cleanest rooms that you'll ever see. Everyone is wearing the appropriate equipment, and you can see sneeze guards on the counter so that everyone can stay protected from each other. When it comes to a healthy environment, the number one priority should be sanitation, as viruses and bacteria could be all over the place. 

Protects the Dentists  

A dentist goes through several different medical procedures daily. It can range from basic to the most back-arching ones. They also handle different kinds of medical situations, especially with patients that require oral surgery. With that in mind, there are a lot of unforeseen events that could happen. 

With dentists working on different mouths every day, there is the possibility of saliva and blood spills. To allow the dentist to protect themselves, they should use a face shield to keep their faces and skin protected from any other foreign contact that could affect their health. 

Apart from human contaminants, it's also common for dentists to experience sprays and splashes. They would need to run water down the mouth to get rid of the blood flowing through the entire mouth or other procedures they need to accomplish. 

No matter how tiny a droplet could be, it could contain harmful bacteria, which could significantly affect the dentist's health. As such, they should wear a face shield and cover their entire face to protect themselves.

Protects Other Staff

Since a dentist is already wearing a face shield, it protects them from acquiring harmful bacteria and viruses that would harm them and their staff. 

With viruses, some can be airborne, so they can spread even without any physical contact with the person infected. The dentist wouldn't acquire any disease, thus protecting other staff inside the clinic. 

When it comes to maximum sanitation and protection, dentists should be protecting themselves intensely as they're frequently in contact with patients for surgery and other dental procedures. They're highly likely to come into contact with the patient's saliva and blood—as such, every dentist should wear a face mask, face shield, gloves, and a hospital gown for full protection. 

Protects the Patient

Apart from protecting themselves and their staff, dentists wear a face shield to protect the patients. 

With face shields, not only will the dentist have a higher chance of avoiding foreign contaminants, but they'll also reduce the chance of spreading any illness they may not know that they have to their patient. 

When dentists are working with their patients, they tend to get close to the patient as they need to have a clear view of the teeth and gums to perform the procedure well. With that, if the dentist accidentally sneezed or cough, every little bit would be contained into their face shields and wouldn't be able to reach you, allowing you to be safe and uncontaminated. With face shields, they can keep the procedure as sanitized as possible.

Cleans Easily

Since dentists handle different patients throughout the day, they need to keep themselves sanitized at all times. As such, all of their PPE, such as gloves and face masks, has to be disposable and changed frequently throughout each work day.

Luckily, with face shields, they can either be disposable or sanitized after each use, depending on the type of face shield they have. Either way, a dentist’s face shield should be fresh and clean each time they face a new patient. 

By being sure to use the proper equipment, a dentist can improve their dental practice, allowing more patients to visit their clinic as they provide convenience and excellent service. 


Safety should always be the number one priority, especially in as medical environment as different illnesses and diseases could just be roaming around the room. With that, dentists should keep themselves protected by using a trusty face shield that protects them and other people. 

The next time you see your dentist in a full-body suit, don't be afraid but rather feel protected as they're doing their best to help you stay safe and healthy while inside their clinic. 

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