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When to Worry About Your Oral Health and Why to Use Braces?

Oral and dental health plays an important role while maintaining your overall health. Do you think if you are keeping the rest of your body in good shape but not looking after your dental and oral health and the rest of your body will not be affected? Well, go through this research paper that shows how dental and oral issues can directly cause heart deceases. 

A few researchers have also found a link between poor oral hygiene and cancer, diabetes. It has been suggested to start looking after oral hygiene at the earliest of your age like regular brushing, flossing and minimum sugar intakes. 

Do You Need to Worry About Your Oral Health?

Some warning signs ask you to start worrying and plan to see a dentist if persists. Usually, if you pay visits to a dentist twice a year, most of the dental or oral issue can be identified earlier. 

Check if you have any of the following signs? 

Chronic bad breath, your gums bleed and swallow brushing, toothache, tooth loss, pain while you eat something, clicking of the jaw, damaged teeth and regular dry mouth.

What Cause Dental and Oral diseases?

Multiple factors can affect your dental and oral health.

These factors include use of tobacco, diabetes, irregular and improper brushing, acid reflux, heartburn, carbohydrate and sweet foods and drinks. 

Types of Dental and Oral Diseases

  • Cavities

Cavities are the areas of the tooth that have been damaged and cannot be restored. These can also be in form of holes in teeth.

·        Sensitive Teeth

If you feel discomfort or fizz in your teeth while consuming cold or hot drink food or beverage, your teeth are sensitive. You may also have sensitive teeth if you have a thin layer of enamel.

·        Oral Cancer

This cancer includes cancer of gums, lips, cheek, the base of mouth, tongue and hard and soft palate.

·        Damaged Teeth

Damaged or racked teeth are painful and provide a place for bacteria to grow. It can be caused by an injury or chewing hard food.

Why Do You Need Braces?

There multiple reasons behind the use of braces. It can be defined as a device that is used to align and straighten the crooked teeth or for fixing the gaps between teeth. The most important function of the braces is to position the teeth in such a way that they align with a person’s bite.

The other uses of dental braces are correcting the alignment of upper and lower jaws, to release the pressure on teeth and joints and to improve smile and faces.

When Do You Get Braces?

Dental braces show the best results in children as their bones around the teeth and jaws can be moulded in any way, however, teeth can be fixed at any age. You may see not as brilliant results of braces as you see in kids. 

Any orthodontic treatment is difficult for adults and results may not be as desired, however, good orthodontists like Calgary Orthodontist can help you out in orthodontic surgeries and braces with brilliant results.

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