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A perfect Hollywood smile has great appeal to a newly single twenty something like myself. But like most things I imagined that such beauty would come at a pretty high price and after hearing various horror stories through the press I was cautious about pursuing this any further than investing in some whitening toothpaste.

However, after a few months of no dates I was ready to pull out all of the stops to get me back on the scene. I decided to look at a few options starting with cosmetic surgery. Ok so that turned out to be a bit too expensive and perhaps a bit too extreme? Surely I don’t need to be so drastic? I think a few small changes that together would make a big change might be better than one big scary change.

The next day, I asked my hairdresser for a re-style and whilst I was at the salon I decided to treat myself to an eyebrow shape and tint. So far so good, I was definitely feeling more positive. Or I was until I smiled in the mirror at my eyebrows and once again was confronted by those ex-smoker and current black coffee drinker teeth. Not a good look at all.

Once home, I plumped for a bit of surfing to find out more about teeth whitening. From prior knowledge all I could summon up was ridiculous home bleach kits and scary sounding surgical procedures, neither of which floated my boat. However, after a quick search on the internet I found out about laser teeth whitening, something I had not even heard of before.

Intrigued I researched the topic more thoroughly and what I found out is just amazing. Laser teeth whitening is super-fast with most treatments taking less than an hour, meaning I could fit this into my lunch break. Not only that but it is totally pain free, results are guaranteed and can last up to two years. Well this all sounded too good to be true, surely it’s going to cost a fortune right? Nope. It is a totally affordable treatment. Amazing!

So, what next?  I decided that I wanted to find somewhere that is local and reputable and just happened to stumble upon this website which certainly appears to be both those things. So I think I’m ready to take the plunge. Oooof the singles night is not going to know what hit it when I turn up next week!

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