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The Dangers of Prescription Drugs Prescribed by Dentists

Many people go to the dentist for a routine teeth cleaning, but there are also the few times that you go for more intensive procedures, like root canals, tooth extractions (most likely as a result of an impacted wisdom tooth), and cavity fillings. Some of these procedures require surgery with anesthesia and stitches. At the end of the procedure your dentist will most likely give you a prescription for a painkiller, like oxycodone or codeine. In most cases these painkillers are made out of an opioid, which are synthesized out of poppy-derived opiates – the same active ingredient in heroin. In fact, more people have died from painkiller overdoses than they have from heroin overdoses. There are also twice as many people addicted to painkillers. Here are some of the dangers of prescription drugs prescribed by dentists.

For one, there are many side effects from taking many of the pain medications prescribed by dentists, like depression, irritability and diarrhea. When you start getting into prescription drug abuse, you start to see these side effects get way worse – sometimes deadly. In heavy does, some of these medications can cause paranoia, choking hazards, intermittent menstrual cycles, and abnormal heart rates. After a while, addiction to these drugs can result in seizures, coma and even death.

When people start to become addicted to these medications, which happens to millions of people every year, you start to see not only physical symptoms, but psychological symptoms as well. Most of these drugs are highly addictive. It is easy to develop a serious addiction even after taking them for a legitimate reason. Yet when the addiction starts, overtime your body starts to develop a tolerance, which can leave you wanting more and more in order to get back to that original high you felt the first time you took the drugs. The withdrawal symptoms can include nervousness, severe depression, exhaustion and even death. You might also be led to prostitution and stealing in order to support your addiction.

Not only can your addiction to some of these painkillers lead to accidents and injury, but also your entire personality changes. An addict simply lives for their addiction. Whereas most people go to work everyday to make a living, an addict’s full time job is chasing the high. It can be a meaningless existence that involves homelessness and destitution. You might also lose all of your friends and loved ones, which makes your situation even more dire. While these drugs were easier to obtain in small doses, now you are taking multiple pills a day and are risking your life to get the money you need to buy more. This can not only lead to death, but also to prison.

At the end of the day, if you know someone that is addicted to painkillers prescribed by a dentist or any doctor for that matter, it is recommended to get them help immediately. If you are addicted to opiates and believe you are not in control of your addiction, you should probably seek help today.

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