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Top 5 Tips to Help Kids Overcome Their Fear of the Dentist

Not many people in the world today actually enjoy going to the dentist, and children often dread their dental appointments most of all. However, check-ups and occasional dental work are always going to be necessary. The best way to deal with your kids’ fear of the dentist is to start alleviating it at an early age. Help them grow up with healthy teeth by following these tips to help kids get over their dental anxiety.

  1. Encourage Brushing and Flossing
    Kids who have good teeth have no reason to fear the dentist. Encourage healthy brushing and flossing habits for your kids so that they won’t have to worry about problems in their teeth at all. When their visits to the dentist are positive and problem free, they’ll quickly begin to see that they really have nothing to be afraid of. Make sure that the kids are keeping up with their brushing and flossing every day, and things will get much easier.
  2. Cut Down On Sweets Before Dentist Visits
    Kids have lots of energy to spare, and eating lots of sweets only makes them more energetic. This can make it difficult for them to deal with visits to the dentist. Sitting still for such a prolonged period of time, especially when someone is poking around in their mouths, can cause discomfort and anxiety for children at the dentist. Help them start off on the right foot by cutting down on sweets to make sure they stay as calm as possible throughout the process.
  3. Bring Toys and Books for the Wait
    It is often the anticipation of a feared event that is worse than the event itself. When kids sit in waiting rooms at dentist’s offices, they have all the time in the world to think about how awful that chair is going to be. Taking their minds off the issue is one of the best things you can do to help the kids overcome their fear. Bring their favorite toys and books along to keep the kids occupied while they wait to enter the office. They might have so much fun that they forget what they were afraid of.
  4. Let the Kids Watch Your Dental Work
    Children learn everything from their parents in early life, and that includes fear. If you show anxiety about your own dentist visits, that anxiety is going to rub off on your kids. Go into dental appointments confidently, and let your kids sit in on your exams and procedures. Of course, this technique will only work if you are cool and calm in the chair, so relax and show the kids that there is nothing to fear.
  5. Look for a Kid-Friendly Dentist
    The dentist that you choose can be a large part of your child’s reaction to dentists in general. Look for a friendly dentist with a comfortable office, like Jollyville Dental. Some dentists understand the special needs of children better than others, and choosing a dentist with whom your kids feel comfortable is essential. Spend some time visiting dental offices to find someone that your kids will like and trust.

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