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How to Know If Your Child Needs Braces

According to the American Association of Orthodontists over 5 million children a year need braces. When your child gets to that age when their baby teeth are falling out and their adult teeth are coming in, you might notice a few signs, like an under or over bite, crooked incisors or other problems that naturally occur when our permanent teeth grow in. There are some lucky kids that don’t need braces, but for the millions that do, it can be a formative experience. For parents it is important to know if your child needs braces, because corrective orthodontics can be expensive. However, in some rare cases, some kids might need surgery later in life to correct problems caused by misplaced teeth. Here are some ways to know if your child needs braces.

  1. If your child is having trouble eating with their newly grown adult teeth, it might be a sign that they need braces. In some cases your child’s teeth might have grown in in a way that has affected their ability to chew. Perhaps they are biting their cheek or tongue more often. These can be serious problems and it might be time to talk to an orthodontist.
  2. You should also be able to notice the direction of your child’s teeth. If they are in different directions that look noticeably crooked it might be wise to start thinking about braces. Some slight curving is normal, but if some of the teeth are growing in on top of each other or behind then that might become a problem down the line.
  3. You can also check for an under bite or an over bite by seeing where your child’s new teeth are meeting. If they are meeting at an irregular level then this is a sure fire way to know if your child needs braces. After a while, a serious over bite or under bite can cause jaw pain and even migraines.
  4. Another way to know if your child needs corrective orthodontics is if they are constantly complaining about the pain of their teeth. Sometimes when the adult teeth grow in they can press again other teeth causing a significant amount of pain. The only way to alleviate this pain is with braces, which can, over time, realign the teeth to a normal position.
  5. Lastly, if you are searching for dental insurance in Florida or anywhere else in the United State you might also find a great orthodontist too, especially if you notice your child’s teeth making unusual clicking or scraping sounds. This could be a sign that their adult teeth have grown in and our not lining up correctly causing them to click and clack against each other. Moreover, if you notice that your child is grinding his or her teeth at night it could be another sign that the alignment of their adult teeth is in the wrong place. Sometimes this might be as simple as wearing night gear or, if your orthodontist recommends it, upper and lower sets of braces. Most importantly, you want your child to be comfortable and not in constant pain.

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