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Top 5 Tips for Students Dentists

Is this your first dental school? Do you feel nervous? Relax! Like any other school, the dental one has its pros and cons. Only imagine how many students graduate from the dental schools all over the world each year, and stop thinking that you are the only one who is going to suffer. We have prepared top five tips for students dentists that will help them feel comfortable during their studies. Are you interested? Then keep on reading!

  1. No Tattoos/Piercing/Colored Hair Is Allowed

Well, in fact, the contemporary society is much more loyal and tolerant to the generation Z than it used to be ten years ago. However, it is still undesirable to have tattoos on the visible parts of the body, piercing (if it is not belly-button though), and colored hair. Why? You are going to become a member of the medical center soon, and you have to be taken seriously by both the customers and your colleagues. Then, you have to look appropriately! The teenage days are over, and you are entering the serious grown-up world, that is why you will have to leave those demonstrations of your youth in the past.

  1. Keep Your Body Healthy

Who needs a sick doctor? The dentist has to be an example for his/her patients in terms of not only the teeth but the whole body as well. What is dental school like? Yes, you will need to have numerous classes (sometimes the boring ones), pass many exams, and practice a lot. However, it is up to you and your time management! You can handle everything, sleep eight hours, and feel good. We are aware of how hard the task may seem, but you chose not the easiest way, and you will have to drive a nail home! No matter how many lessons you have each day, do not forget about the physical activities and checking your health in the hospital occasionally.

  1. Get Involved in the Extracurricular Activities

The sooner you start to show your leadership skills (if you have those, of course), the better. You have to interested in all the activities that happen after classes and offer your help. You are never aware of how the connections that you are going to make will help you in the future. Taking part in such kinds of activities makes you understand yourself and your talents better. You might be a better organizer than a dentist, but you would never find this out if you do not try to participate in the after class activities. If you do not feel like you have leadership skills, it is not a reason not to be interested in different groups and small organizations. You might be really helpful there, and your participation might be a good point in your CV. Being active in the life after classes is much more important than writing essays – that can be done at Edu Birdy.

  1. Accept that You Might Not Be the Best

Yes, it is difficult to accept that someone is better, but it is not a reason to give up. Dental school life might be tough, and the competition might be crazy. However, always look up to the students with the higher grades – you might even ask for their help. Just do not forget that for every good dentist, there is the better one. Accept the fact that all the students are just trying to learn as much as possible and be their best selves – do not perceive anyone as your worst enemy and number one competitor. These are all your friends who study hard but show different levels of academic performance.

  1. Be Organized

Yes, it sounds ridiculous and basic, but you need to understand that entering the dental school means choosing a difficult path, and being well organized is extremely important. What do you learn in dental school? You get both short-term tasks and long-term ones. If you get the task that you will need to perform in two months, it does not mean you can forget about it for two months – it means that you have to start doing it just now. You are not to fulfill the whole assignment, however, you have to do its tiny bit each day. When the day of performance comes, you will not have to ask for an extension, and you will not have to spend the sleepless night by doing the whole thing. Fresh and happy, you will show the result of your work during the two months, and you will get the highest grade!

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