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Common Mistakes during Dental School


Dental schooling is not an easy assignment, it needs hard work and dedication. Moving from lecture theaters to laboratories, assignments and working in a dental clinic can never be an easy task. However, some people sail through successfully in a silent hassle lasting several years. Behind such success lies an intriguing long story about the mistakes were made and challenges were overcome. Some of the graduates think back about their studies with smile, while others claim that memories of sleepless nights and countless assignments give them chills till today. Such difference between successful and overwhelmed dental students makes it vital to learn from others’ mistakes. In this article, we are listing all the common errors that students made to equip you with necessary skills that will free you from stress, anxiety and failing grades.

  • With no parental supervision that youngsters are so used to, it is easy for one to get distracted from learning process. There are many great quotes about making mistakes, but my personal favorite is “Failing to plan is planning to fail”. Having a planner, diary or personal organizer is a must for modern student. When you have everything scheduled in front of you, it becomes less likely to miss a deadline or forget about an important lecture. With advancement in technology, planning is no longer boring. If you do not like old school paper planners, you can download a mobile app that will even send you notifications about upcoming events!
  1. Social disconnection
  • Even if you are constantly busy at the school of dentistry, it is very important to spend some time with your family and friends. Several students have made a mistake of scoring highly at the expense of losing touch with their closed ones. Did you know that it is possible to succeed academically and meet all your social needs? The secret lies in wise prioritizing and time
  • There are other activities in school of dentistry that you can join: sports, study groups and community services. This will fulfill your life with interesting events and in addition to creating a social network.
  • Many students who have made these mistakes have ended up delaying their marriage. Leave some time to mingle university life and dating.

  1. Lack of focus.
  • A school of dentistry is a hub of activities; entertainment, nice places for leisure, club and drinking dens. Visiting these places is very common to most students. However, when not focused, one will be lost in the turnover of pleasure. Being an orthodontist is not a walk in the park, meaning you have to stick to your academic schedule no matter what party your friends are throwing tonight. For more information on how to leave some time free of assignments, you can check this service students swear by
  1. Not Referring To A Specialist When Necessary.
  • In their pursuit for experience, students hesitate to refer a patient to an orthodontist at the expense of patient health. Referring the patient beforehand creates confidence and avoid embarrassment.
  • Pride is another aspect that needs to be tamed. Students desire to prove to the patients that they are already as good as experienced orthodontists.
  1. Too much focus on skills and experience
  • In addition to practical knowledge and experience, orthodontist schooling requires some customer care. Students need to sensitize patients on the need to have medical insurance to cover the cost of health services. In case there exists dental insurance policies in the market, you can inform them as well. This will build patient confidence a great deal. If you advise a patient to have a personal emergency dentist and show them you care about their health, he or she will trust you completely.
  1. Last minute rush to complete coursework
  • There are many procedures clinical competencies one must meet before graduation. If a student lags behind, he or she will be compelled to work extra hard towards the end of the course. The student might not meet them all or if he does, under terrible pressure. Check this link to prepare yourself for your pressure free next semester.


There are so many dental clinics spread across the globe where dental graduates can offer services. For instance, students in Stockport can visit Unidental and practice there to gain experience.

You don’t have to learn from your own experience in mistakes, rather avoid the mistakes of others as chronicled above to have a stress-free schooling life.

Some of the mistakes listed may seem stupid, trust me, they often happen.

If you make any mistake during your study in the school of dentistry, you can only blame yourself.

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