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The Real Perks of Undergoing Tongue Tie Laser Surgery

Often people suffer from the condition of tongue tie. It happens when the frenulum (band of tissue) which connects the tongue with the mouth floor happens to be thick, tight or abnormally short which results in the tongue's restricted movement. That is generally evident as the infant faces difficulty in breastfeeding. Relax, with advancements in technology this can be treated through laser surgery.

How Can Laser Therapy Help?

When you undergo tongue tie laser therapy from a renowned and accredited clinic such as Dental Solutions Coral Gables you are sure to experience the best outcomes. The technician here will use advanced soft tissue laser that will vaporize the tissue that is affected fundamentally instead of cutting the frenulum using the steel scalpel. At the in-office, quick laser frenectomy, all the area surrounding the frenulum will get numbed through an analgesic gel while the dentist uses a specialized laser for making tint incisions which will release the tension.

It is the laser that will sterilize the area and thereby stimulating the healing via bio-regeneration. The laser energy will help in sealing the blood vessels which means there is no bleeding or minimal bleeding. This surgery will take just a couple of minutes.

The Many Benefits Unveiled

Apart from those mentioned above, there are other benefits of this surgery as well such as,

  • No stitches
  • Extremely safe
  • High success rate
  • No general anesthesia required
  • Minimal pain or swelling post operation

As tongue tie can affect the jaw and dental development, the laser surgery can help with,

  • Chewing
  • Breathing
  • Swallowing
  • Digestion/reflux

Studies that have used ultrasound have discovered that babies that are tongue-tied utilize less effective, different movements during nursing compared to those that are not. Motions that are tongue-tied may cause damage and pain to the mother's nipples. The tongue tie surgery can,

  • Result in higher successful breastfeeding
  • Enhance the ability of the baby to nurse
  • Alleviate colic, gassiness, and reflux in the baby
  • Cut down the danger of breast infection
  • Allow sufficient stimulation for promoting milk production
  • Make sure that the baby gets sufficient milk for the right growth
  • Reduce discouragement and encourage a positive bonding experience amid the baby and the mother
  • Reduce the nursing frequency owing to the ability of the baby in being satisfied at every feed

Tongue Tie Laser Therapy and its Dental Benefits

The tongue ties laser therapy done by an experienced dentist can cut down the peril of dental problems in the future. In a few cases, tongue tie can cause decay in the erupting teeth or even pull away from the gums from the teeth that can result in tooth loss later on. It can also affect palatal development. Dentists use the laser surgery for preventing such prospective dental complications which can take place together with tongue tie. Besides, it can also prove beneficial to overcome speech impairment related to tongue tie.

The bottom line is the tongue tie laser surgery is painless, quick and straightforward sans any side effects. Most show instant improvement. Consult your dentist to know more. 

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