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Teeth Veneers: Get the Perfect Smile for your Next Set of Pictures

While we all want the perfect smile, very few of us have it. Most of us and this includes celebrities are not born with the perfect smile. Dental issues are the reasons why we don’t have the kind of smile we desire. As a result, many don’t like taking pictures that reveal their dentition.

This dental issue has made many folks more self-conscious. Not only are we afraid to take pictures that reveal our teeth, but we are also careful not to smile when interacting with others.

But what if we told you that you can get over all these issues? What if we told you that you can get the perfect smile? What if we told you of a simple process that can help you regain your confidence to take pictures? Forget the “what ifs”, because we’ll be telling you anyway.

In this article, we will reveal how you can improve and get the perfect smile using teeth or dental veneers. But before we do that, let’s explain what veneers are…

What are Veneers?

Veneers are made from either porcelain or composite resin and are thin chips that are custom manufactured to fit your tooth and are then used to cover the visible area of your tooth or teeth as the case may be.

These shell covers are used to hide any form of dental imperfection which makes it a simple and less invasive procedure compared to other dental procedures.

The process of inserting a veneer is the same as that used to cap teeth. However, both procedures are still different in some ways. Visit to learn about the differences between veneer and cap/crown procedure.

Ways Veneer Enhances your Smile

Below are the following ways this treatment enhances your smile:

1. Closes Gaps and Hides Dental Imperfections

A gap tooth does not offer any health risk; nevertheless, it can affect your perfect smile. Also, a misshapen tooth can make one always conscious of how they smile.

This can be readily dealt with using veneers. They can fill such gaps and also hide any imperfection thereby giving you the freedom to express your smile as much as you want. Because they are custom made, they will fit your tooth, match your teeth color, and will address individual cosmetic needs. In the end, you’ll get a flawless yet natural look.    

These materials can be used for a single tooth or multiple teeth. You can rest assured that they won’t fall off as they are bonded using strong glue as well as curing light.

2. Gives White, Bright Teeth

Many people are constantly trying to whiten their teeth. We brush, floss, and go to the dentist for a teeth whitening procedure just to get white, bright dentition. Unfortunately, teeth whitening treatment is not for everybody.

Some folks react negatively to the whitening agents used. Whereas, those whose teeth got stained due to medications or came in contact with excess fluoride during childhood may not benefit from most whitening products.

Luckily, a dental veneer can bypass all these limitations without you having to even go through all these rigorous processes. The stains are simply covered up and you get the whitest teeth that even movie stars will be jealous of.

Needless to say, that this procedure offers the whitest teeth treatment compared to other dental treatments. Furthermore, after getting them done, you don’t have to worry so much about staining them because veneers are far more stain-resistant compared to your natural enamel.

Although it is stain-resistant, you should still visit your dentist for scheduled cleaning so that the materials can be polished to keep the white shining brightly.

3. Covers Chips and Cracks

These materials also add resilience and strength to your tooth apart from making it look better. If there are chips or cracks in your tooth, they can offer another protection layer that will aid in the prevention of further damage.

While veneers are good for a wide range of dental conditions, however, if the tooth damage is severe, we recommend other forms of treatment. Implants or crowns can be used in such cases.

4. Straightens Dentitions

Most times, orthodontics (braces) is the readily recommended treatment for folks who want their teeth straightened. This hassle of a process can be avoided altogether by using veneers. They don’t only make them look aligned; they make them picture-perfect.

While this cosmetic procedure is good for slight misalignments, it is not the best for misalignments that affect your mouth health or teeth bite. For such severe misalignments, the best recommendation will still be orthodontics. Click here to learn more about orthodontics.

5. Covers Gums

Some folks when they smile seem to have more gum than teeth. If this scenario sounds similar or is your challenge, then you can overcome it with veneer treatment. These materials are made to suit your desired smile and mouth. They can also provide the appropriate balance to ensure that more teeth rather than gum are shown.

How to Ensure the Veneer Treatment is Successful

As a result of the permanence of this treatment, you need to pay attention to the following to ensure you get a successful treatment:

  • Properly plan for the procedure.
  • Conservative preparation of the tooth
  • Right choice of the material that will match your dentition’s natural color as well as facial tone
  • Continuous communication between dentist and the patient
  • Right choice of the cementation method and materials that will be used
  • Properly planning subsequent maintenance
  • Observing right dental hygiene at home

Be sure that your dentist is qualified to carry out the treatment. You can request for before and after Teeth veneer pictures of the procedure can be requested of former patients as a means of confirming if the dentist has carried out the procedure before. You can also request a smile simulation to see how your smile will look like when the veneers have been placed.


When done properly, veneers can enhance your smile and give you that perfect dentition that will always have you smiling at the camera.

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