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Taking Care of Your Oral Health

Teeth serve a very important purpose. The biggest purpose of teeth is to crush and grind up food to be digested in the body and this function is one that most people take for granted. They may just assume that sensitivity to hot, cold, or pain when chewing is just part of life, but it can indicate a very significant issue that can signify disease, decay, or infection in the mouth. Your teeth and oral cavity are not to be taken for granted. Ensure that you take care of them, so that you can be as teeth and mouth healthy as possible. What are some of the issues that you should take notice of?

Tooth Decay

Tooth decay is one of the most common issues that occurs with teeth. Plaque and cavities are both included in this grouping and they can make a big difference in the function and the look of the teeth. Plaque is a film that covers the teeth and this can cause decay in the tooth. This plaque is made up of bacteria and if the bacteria are not removed regularly by regular brushing or cleanings, this can lead to the cavities that destroy the structure of the teeth. That is why you want to follow any dentist recommendations and get the checkups that are recommended.

Cavities are the next step in tooth decay. Caries or cavities are an infectious disease that can damage the structure of teeth and if it is treated early, it can be treated without significant damage to the tooth. Removing the cavity can keep it from spreading and this can restore the tooth to proper function and beautiful look. If the cavity has already caused too much damage, there are other treatments that can be done, including crowns, bridges, extractions, and more.

Oral Cancer

Most people just think of the teeth when they are thinking about their oral health, but they may be missing one disease that can be fatal. The Oral Cancer Foundation says that in the United States one person dies of oral cancer every hour every day. This is a startling statistic that most people do not even realize. A sore or growth in the mouth that does not go away is the most common symptom of oral cancer and regular checkups can ensure that any unusual spots in the mouth are treated or checked as soon as possible. Caught early, oral cancer is highly curable, which is why you want to visit your dentist as often as needed.

When you get regular dental checkups, your dentist is able to ensure that there are no issues that need to be treated. Preventative care is the main purpose of these checkups and by getting them every six months or as directed, you will be able to ensure that your oral health is kept in great condition. While you may not think much about your mouth and teeth, it is essential to keep them at the forefront of your mind to keep them healthy and your whole body healthy.

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