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My Thoughts on Getting Invisalign After a Two-Year Treatment

When I was young, I remember having an awkward smile because my upper front teeth looked a little bigger than the norm (a.k.a. overbite), and my lower teeth looked a little crowded. That’s probably why I never enjoyed taking a selfie. My teeth always bothered me whenever I looked at the mirror, so I promised myself that I’d do something about it once I got the budget. 

I also heard about Invisalign, which sounds like a better alternative to braces. So, I took the bite, and after a two-year treatment, I’m now ready to share my journey and thoughts on getting Invisalign with you. 

First, why did I decide to go for Invisalign?

I knew what my friends had to go through while they were wearing braces. My best friend, Anna, once complained to me about mild discomfort and jaw pain. She would have difficulty chewing and eating right after she visited the dentist. Plus, braces did not look so attractive!

So, I began my search and checked for braces alternatives until I stumbled upon Invisalign. It is another way to straighten teeth using transparent, plastic aligners that you have to wear over to your teeth. Invisalign will apply the required pressure as it adjusts the teeth in the right direction. 

Based on my research, Invisalign takes a shorter time, and I also love the idea that it would look less obvious that I’m getting my teeth fixed because of its structure. Invisalign had many advantages and I was quickly sold on it.

My First Invisalign Appointment 

On my first appointment with a licensed orthodontist, we first discussed what Invisalign is all about and if I had done any other treatment in the past. We went through the process, timeline and expectations of getting Invisalign treatment as an adult. Turns out getting braces as a young adult is not all that different from a teen, which was consistent with the research I have done online for Invisalign for adults. The team did a quick 3D scan of my teeth, which was painless. Afterward, they showed me an array of photographs of my teeth with digital diagnostic x-rays. 

On my second appointment, they showed me a projection of how my teeth would move. We talked about the end goal or the target look of my teeth after I go through the process and the personalized treatment options for me to achieve them. 

Yes, I may have to see the dentist more often now (once every two months), but seeing the potential and how it would affect my smile made me so excited! I really prefer to have a confident smile before entering university or before going on work interviews. 

They also discussed the treatment fee, where they mentioned an interest-free payment plan and help with insurance claims, so I decided to proceed right away.   

How Long Did It Take to Get My First Invisalign Trays?

It took around four weeks before my trays arrived. The orthodontist explained that this was because they needed to send the scan and specifications of my teeth to the Invisalign factory. 

I was told that the duration depends – some would take two weeks, while others take eight weeks to arrive. I know, such a killjoy, but if it’s for the better, I was willing to wait. 

Is Invisalign Painful?

When the trays finally arrived, I received a phone call asking me to visit the clinic. Hurrah! 

So, I got my first tray, and the orthodontist helped me put them on. She warned me that my teeth would feel a little sore, and she was right! It felt tight, and I thought I wouldn’t be able to pull them out on my own. 

I felt the uncomfortable pressure on my teeth which meant that it’s doing the Invisalign tray is doing its job. The discomfort was bearable and only lasted for a few days until it eventually faded. 

How My Lifestyle Changed with Invisalign

There are positive lifestyle changes that went with my Invisalign trays. You know that they are there, which reminds you of the hygiene routine you need to go through. For example, I have to remove these trays before eating and make sure to brush and floss after a meal. 

I wear it 22 hours a day, seven days a week, even when I sleep, so I got used to it quickly. It made me avoid snacking in between meals which was difficult at first, but I was trying to lose weight anyway, so having them was a good excuse!

Whenever I have to eat out, either I brush my teeth in the restaurant before putting the trays back on, or I wait to get home, brush my teeth and then put them back on. I avoided wearing the trays when there was no opportunity to clean my teeth.

Wearing Invisalign is a commitment. I spent a good amount of money on it, so I might as well follow all the doctor’s advice of faithfully brushing your teeth and cleaning your trays. 

Another thing I’d like to mention was how I spoke carefully for the first few weeks. As my mouth was adjusting, I found that I could not pronounce some letters clearly. It improved over time, so it’s nothing to worry about. 

I noticed the result of my Invisalign treatment one month later after my second tray. It was a minimal change with my upper front teeth adjusting a little backward, which means my teeth are on the right path. I celebrated every progress it made and took photos to see the difference. 

Every two months, I visit the clinic for my check-up, ensuring that my teeth are on track. It was just a fifteen-minute check, and the orthodontist would also give me the next round of trays. 

My Results After Getting Invisalign – A Success Story 

My treatment lasted for two years with a total of twenty-four trays. Finally, three months ago, I was done with the 24th tray. My teeth, fortunately, cooperated throughout the process, and now my teeth looked amazing! 

I also chose to undergo a whitening process to have a fantastic finish off. I’m really glad I took the chance of getting an Invisalign treatment when I could. It was life-changing for me, and it helped my confidence. If you’re still wondering if Invisalign is for you, I recommend getting your first consultation to see the possibilities. 

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