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How Great Oral Health Can Do Wonders For Your Social Life

Everybody already knows the impact of good oral health on overall physical condition. It can reduce the risk for heart disease, certain cancers, and prevent flare-ups of other health issues such as diabetes and throat sensitivity. Plus, not dealing with toothache is certainly something to be quite thankful for.

The benefits don’t end with those, however. Having great oral health and beautiful teeth is likewise known to do wonders for a person’s social life, says Dr. Yvette Porter, a member of the Australian Dental Association. If you’re familiar with the ‘80s film “She’s Out of Control” starring Tony Danza and Ami Dolenz, it’s easy enough to get an idea of how getting a perfect smile (and other types of makeovers) can completely alter one’s social life.

Endorsed by the Fashion World

The most influential social circle today, the fashion industry, is proof of how crucial oral health is. It supports proper oral care because it completely aligns with the values the fashion world promotes. Although perfectly straight teeth are not necessarily a requirement, especially for models, it does remain imperative that the teeth are not damaged or discolored.

It may all seem superficial, but if you think about it, making great oral health the “in” thing for aesthetic reasons is an entirely positive thing. A person has nothing but positive things to gain from it.

Boost Your Social Life by Jumping On the “Trend”

So, how exactly can the good oral health “trend” work for your social life?

1.     You can smile confidently.

A smile is the most disarming thing. When you break into one confidently, other people automatically think you’re approachable and friendly. A smile is a great way to open yourself to others so that connections are made.

2.     Bad breath won’t hold you back.

Halitosis is a social life killer. It’s one of the five biggest turn-offs for women when it comes to dating. So, if you don’t have bad breath, then you’re already a winner in the social department because you can easily talk to people and you’re not likely to avoid social events in fear of creating a bad impression on others.

3.     You’re looked upon fondly.

Countless studies have proven that a smile has a greater impact than most people initially think. The perception study by Kelton Research reveals that:

  • Pearly white teeth make a long-lasting first impression and 29 percent of participants notice this right away. Meanwhile, 24 percent say it’s what they remember the most after meeting someone.
  • People with straight teeth are perceived successful. They are believed to be 45 percent more likely to get a job than those with uneven, crooked teeth.
  • Straight teeth also equate to a good personality. Those with perfectly straight teeth are deemed happy, healthy and even smart.
  • A smile with straight teeth is perceived more trustworthy than a smile with crooked teeth.

4.     Enhancing your features is easier.

All shades of lipstick automatically look great on you, which is an advantage to your self-presentation. Whether you’re going for nudes or bold hues, you can be sure they look good on you because you have nice, white teeth.

5.     Teeth that are well cared for reflect on a person’s commitment to good standards.

The little details of your physical appearance can reveal so much about you. As proven by various studies, people develop their perceptions based on how you present yourself. If you have nice teeth, people easily form the idea that you have high standards when it comes to personal maintenance.

It doesn’t matter if you maintain these standards to impress others or just to make yourself happy. The only thing that’s important is that you have good standards. Because of these, earning people’s approval and respect is bound to be easy.

So, if you’re looking to create more meaningful connections by getting yourself out there, taking good care of your teeth is clearly one of the most important things to do. Be deliberate about it. See your dentist regularly and find out about the different dental procedures (such as teeth whitening and porcelain veneers) that can enhance the look and actual condition of your teeth.


Dr. Yvette Porter is the founding dentist at Apple Dental in Newstead, Brisbane, which she started over 11 years ago, and continues to own and practice there today. She works with a team of female dentists who aim to provide gentle and affordable dental care to patients in Brisbane. Dr. Porter is a member of the Australian Dental Association and is passionate about family and children’s dentistry, hoping to make their dental experience truly pleasant.

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