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Advances in Technology – Understanding the Benefits of 3D Dental X-rays

Going to the dentist or endodontist is never fun, but subjecting yourself to those time-consuming x-rays is perhaps one of the most challenging experiences. While they aren’t meant to cause pain, there are times when your mouth is already sore, so the process can be extremely stressful. The worst is having x-rays of teeth that are abscessed but with the advances in x-ray technology, you no longer need to be subjected to poking and prodding as those films are taken from various positions and a new film is needed for each view. Today’s x-ray technology has seen the advent of 3D views, which offer a great number of benefits to the patient as well as to the dentist.

Here are a few of those benefits.

Why Dentists Prefer 3D Dental X-rays

When it comes to diagnosing problems in the mouth, traditional dental x-rays don’t offer as complete a picture as 3D technology. Because three-dimensional images can pinpoint the tiniest problems as small as the root of a tooth, it is possible to make better diagnoses for better outcomes. In fact, dentists prefer this new technology because it penetrates even the soft tissue, thereby revealing other problems which may or may not be directly related to dental issues. Even CT scans aren’t as all-inclusive and clear as 3D dental images, which alone is enough to recommend this advancement in technology to even the most reluctant of dentists.

Dr. Adam Harwood, a leading NYC endodontist, recently had a patient who came into his office for a root canal but upon further examination through 3D x-ray images, he learned that her tooth was fractured and instead needed an implant. By using 3D x-rays, Harwood saved his patient the agony of having a procedure that would not have resolved the problem because it was misdiagnosed through a traditional x-ray. And he saved her the cost of an unnecessary procedure.

Benefits to You as a Patient

When your dentist recommends 3D dental imaging, you should jump at the chance! Not only is it less invasive than traditional means of taking x-rays, but this technology is more accurate, less time-consuming and much lower in radiation. That has always been a huge concern to many patients and with newer 3D technology, the amount of radiation you are exposed to is minimal. These pictures are quicker to take and since they are so accurate, your dentist will be able to prescribe a more accurate course of action in a much quicker period of time. Similar to older panoramic views of the mouth, you simply let the technician take the images needed without having to clamp down on those horribly uncomfortable white x-ray plates.

The Bottom Line – Lower Cost to You

For anyone who doesn’t carry dental insurance, the lower costs involved in 3D dental imaging is enough to recommend this new technology to even the strongest opponents to x-ray exposure. Since you will be getting less radiation and paying much less, there is no wonder patients around the country are asking their dentists if they are utilizing this technology yet. Low cost, minimally invasive scans that are more accurate are enough to recommend 3D advances to anyone, but when you realize that your dentist will now get to recognize potential problems before they escalate, you will be a believer.

Whether you are currently experiencing dental issues or are simply going for your annual check-up, don’t forget to ask your dentist if they offer 3D imaging. From prevention to treatment, 3D imaging offers state of the art solutions never before possible.

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