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Can Orthodontists Remove Teeth When Putting on Braces?

Orthodontics is a branch of dentistry that deals with diagnosing and treating irregularities in tooth positioning or the jaws to improve the dental profile. Orthodontics specializes in tooth movement through the use of appliances such as braces or clear aligners. Orthodontics can also assist with the treatment of irregularities in the jaws and facial muscles. Hey can provide a number of services to improve your teeth and smile's overall look and functionality. There are a number of questions that people ask about orthodontists. Below are some of them.

What is the Difference Between an Orthodontist and a Dentist?

An orthodontist specializes in correcting the alignment of the teeth and jaws. On the other hand, a dentist is a general practitioner who performs routine checkups, cleanings, fills cavities, and provides emergency and cosmetic care. Dentists can help you with all your dental needs, but make an appointment with an orthodontist if you require orthodontic care.

Common Orthodontic Services

Orthodontic Services.

The most well-known service that orthodontists provide is using appliances such as braces or clear aligners to straighten or widen crowded teeth. Orthodontic appliances used to realign the teeth are only considered if other orthodontic treatments have failed.

Orthognathic Surgery.

This service is provided after an uncoordinated bite has been treated unsuccessfully by braces or clear aligners. The goal of this form of surgery is to reposition the jaw, teeth and facial muscles and to align bones and teeth to promote a normal, healthy bite. Orthodontic surgery is usually done to avoid the need for dentures or unsightly dental problems.

Orthodontic Treatment for Children.

This is usually prompted by the age of seven when it is best to begin treatment, but young children can also receive care if necessary. The main goal of orthodontic treatment in kids and teens is to help them develop a beautiful smile that will last them a lifetime and encourage strong dental hygiene habits.

Surgical Orthodontics

This service is performed when people have damaged their teeth and need them repaired or replaced with dental implants. Damaged teeth can be caused by accidents or orthodontic treatment that has failed to align the teeth properly in adults and children alike.

How Much Does it Cost to See an Orthodontist?

Orthodontists are expensive and will charge thousands of dollars for each stage of their treatment. The cost of a single appointment is about $150 to $200. Braces may cost between $3,000 and $6,500 to be placed on the teeth. The cost of braces will vary according to the severity of your case and how old you are. Braces usually last about two years, so people with braces will have to pay up to $12,000 in total before their treatment is complete.

The best way to avoid going broke with braces is to put some money aside every month to cover the cost of your treatment. If you are on a tight budget, other options may be available to you. Orthodontists often offer payment plans or package deals for their services. You can also shop around to find an orthodontist that fits your budget.

Can orthodontists remove teeth?

This is a question that a lot of people ask. The answer is no; they cannot remove teeth. Only a dentist can perform this service. However, they are experts when it comes to teeth straightening and how the jaws fit together. The best thing you can do is make an appointment with a dentist in case you feel that you need tooth removals, so they can tell you whether or not you need your teeth removed. They might want to do some examinations first before advising on any treatment.

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