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What is the Dental Monitoring App?

You look into the mirror and smile. Your teeth look the same as yesterday, the week before, and the month prior.

It makes you wonder if you're making much progress with your aligners or braces.

However, you may not always want to make an appointment with your orthodontist whenever you wish to know your treatment's progress since we have such busy schedules!

Thankfully, there is an easy way to do so - through the dental monitoring app.

Learn how this handy dental app can help you see the progression of your treatment in real time!

Dental Monitoring App: What is it?

Interestingly enough, this app has been around since 2013! But, what exactly is it? The Dental Monitoring App is a downloadable app that allows you to send images of your teeth to your orthodontist's office to show your treatment progress.

With the combined expertise from highly experienced orthodontists and insight from engineers, this app has become a great virtual alternative to keeping your orthodontist in the loop about whether your braces or Invisalign aligners are making headway.

Considered the first self-monitoring service in dental care, this app measures orthodontics by collecting and analyzing the data provided by your phone or tablet's camera using advanced control vision technology.

How the Dental Monitoring App Works

During your consultation regarding your braces or Invisalign treatment, you can set up the app with your orthodontist. The consultation is especially important before you download the app since it will provide the information required to plan your treatment. Once done, you can start sending images or videos to your orthodontist regarding your treatment progress.

Using the app is simple as you only need to scan your smile. After doing so, your orthodontist will receive those scans and process the data with the software. Based on your scans, your orthodontist can monitor your treatment to decide if changes need to be made and message you if you can move to your next aligner if you're using Invisalign.

The Benefits of the Dental Monitoring App

There is a reason why the Dental Monitoring App exists - it has various benefits! Learn what they are to see if you can find benefits from using the Dental Monitoring App!

No More Commute

Commuting to an orthodontist's office can be time-consuming. For folks who rely on transit to get to a clinic, it can be a hassle having to make the journey to the office just to be told to go up aligners if you have Invisalign, for example. Commuting is even more of an issue if you live further away from the clinic (i.e. outside the city or rural area). With the app, it can save you time and effort on commuting.

Travel Worry-Free

In our increasingly virtual world, many have opted for remote work that gives them the freedom to travel. Yet, it can be conflicting to do just that when you need regular follow-ups to your treatment. Thankfully, since the app is accessible from wherever, you can continually keep your orthodontist updated on your treatment. You no longer need to worry about travelling getting in the way of potential dental appointments when you can do so from wherever!

Flexible Scheduling

Those with a busy schedule could benefit greatly from the Dental Monitoring App. Not everyone can book time off for an appointment, so having an app that acts as such would be a major convenience. Furthermore, it's perfect for students of all ages since they can easily toggle the app, giving them the flexibility to update their treatment progress between schoolwork and participating in extracurriculars. It saves the pressure of finding days for frequent appointments and potentially forgetting them!

Easier Management

It can be hard to keep track of treatment progress when you have multiple children in the same boat. Parents can end up confusing what in-office appointments are necessary for their children. It can be rather embarrassing to bring the wrong child to an appointment meant for their other sibling! With the app, you won't need to worry about that. The app keeps track of the progress of their treatments, making it easier to manage among more children.

The Dental Monitoring App is a great innovative piece of technology that makes it easier for patients to see and check their treatment progression. Giving patients this agency to send scans to their orthodontist offers cost-effectiveness and flexibility. Ask your orthodontist about it today!

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