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Understanding the Differences When Getting Braces as an Adult

Generally braces tend to be used to correct oral issues in younger patients, but increasingly adults are getting braces to correct their teeth alignment and bite as well. While it is certainly an option worth considering and can improve your dental health by leaps and bounds – you should be aware that there are some key differences when getting braces as an adult.

  • Existing dental work

As an adult, you’ve probably had some dental work done already – whether that consists of crowns, filings or root canals. The problem is that some of this work may severely limit the effectiveness of braces, though they will rarely take it off the table completely. Needless to say this will have to be assessed on a case-by-case basis, and when you consult a dentist you’ll be able to find out whether or not it is going to affect your braces.

  • Age-related issues

Unlike growing children, adults have harder bones and aging tissue – both of which can make it harder for teeth to adjust their position. While it varies from one person to the next, in general it tends to take longer to correct similar alignment or bite issues on adults than with children. In some cases a full correction may not be possible, and your dentist will advise you to partially correct the alignment of your teeth instead.

  • Risk of resorption

Although there is some risk of resorption for both adults and children – it is significantly higher for adults. Essentially resorption is when the root of the tooth is reabsorbed, leaving it loose and unanchored – so you may lose it. It is worth noting that there are many factors that can affect your risk of resorption, and dentists will keep an eye out for any early signs so that it can be dealt with immediately.

  • Psychological impact

Generally adults tend to have higher expectations than children – expecting to see results sooner than is realistically possible. In tandem with that there is the perceived (but unjustified) stigma that comes with wearing adult braces, which can affect self-esteem levels as well.

Based on these differences you should be starting to see that there are several considerations that you’ll want to take into account before you get braces as an adult. It is worth keeping in mind the benefits that come with straighter teeth and a more pleasing smile however – both aesthetically and in terms of your dental health and wellbeing.

Due to the popularity of adult braces nowadays, many dentists and orthodontists specialize in treating adults. As such it may help to consult an adult braces Cardiff dentist that has experience installing braces for adults and can advise you on your options and what you can realistically expect to see in terms of results.

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