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Top 3 tips to get the perfect smile

Sick of hiding your pearly whites from the camera or smiling through closed lips when in public? While your smile is one of the first features people notice, few are actually happy with how theirs looks.

If you want to get the perfect smile then these three tips should give a whole new definition to “grin and bear it”!

A clean smile is a beautiful smile, so make sure your teeth are given a decent brushing twice a day. Getting into a good dental care regime not only keeps your teeth white and shiny but it will also ensure good levels of dental hygiene and reduce the risk of problems.

A build-up of plaque can be detrimental in many ways but did you know that it can also be responsible for lipstick getting stuck on your teeth? If this is a problem you suffer from then keep your smile blemish free with regular brushing. A shocking 25% of adults admit to not brushing twice a day and those who only brush once are a third more likely to develop tooth decay.

You should also pen in regular visits to your orthodontist. They can help take care of all areas of your dental hygiene and also help you achieve the perfect smile through teeth-straightening or other cosmetic procedures. Local services are often available so you can find an orthodontist in Hampshire if this is a convenient area for you.

Foods and drinks high in sugar are known causes of dental problems so why not cut back on them to save your smile? Simple acts such as avoiding adding sugar to a cup of tea or coffee can drastically reduce the amount you consume and thus improve your dental health.

According to figures, 31% of adults have tooth decay, 66% have visible plaque and 29% suffer from regular pain in their teeth or gums. Changing your dental hygiene routine and dietary habits to cut down on foods and actions which can aggravate these situations can therefore improve your dental health and give you a smile to be proud of.

Smiling doesn’t just expose your teeth to public scrutiny – it also shows off your gums and the rest of your mouth. It’s a common fact that your teeth make up only a small part of your mouth and if you want a healthy, beautiful smile then you need to look after your gums too.

This means adding daily flossing to your dental regime and using a mouthwash too. This can help to remove food particles from hard to reach areas – such as in between your teeth and long the gum line – and keeps everything clean and healthy.

Even if your teeth look great, bad gums will detract from your smile so it’s important you give them some care and attention. Once this is done, you can open wide and smile with pride!


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