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Several Benefits of Jacksonville Dental Implants

A lot of people may find that their permanent tooth needs extraction because it's damaged beyond repair. Sometimes, missing teeth can reduce one's confidence, and they may hesitate to smile. Missing spaces inside the mouth can also cause the remaining teeth to protrude or misalign. Read more about the things that you can do with a missing tooth on this page here.

When you have a damaged or missing tooth, you may want to get options to complete your smile again. Other people in Jacksonville may opt to get implants. Dental implants have lots of benefits that other treatments don't have. Other options may include bridges or dentures, but they may not compete with the advantages that the implants may give to the patient. Here are some benefits that you may consider when getting the implants.

Why Choose Implants?

  1. You Prevent the Loss of your Jawbone

Your teeth are supported by a bone mass that's located in your jaw. When there's a need to get a tooth to stay in its place, the jawbone will get stimulated and become harder. However, if the tooth above it gets extracted, there's no stimulation involved anymore, and it will slowly disappear. When you want to prevent this loss, an implant will make the jawbone do its function.

  1. It Will Match your Other Tooth Naturally

You can check with your dentist to see your options. If you have clinics nearby, try to check with the best dental implants in Jacksonville, FL, and see which ones can provide you with the sizes, shapes, and colors that you need. Many dentists will do check-ups first before recommending so that the overall look will be more natural when you smile. The gap will be inconspicuous, and no one will know that you've got an implant in the first place.

  1. Restore the Force of Your Bite

You may find yourself eating soft foods for months now. The good thing about getting implants is that you will be getting titanium posts as roots. These will allow you to bite with the same force as your original tooth, and you can eat better in the process. Other replacement options for your teeth may not restore much of the bite force that you've previously had. The dentures may sit at the top of your gums, but they are not really anchored well into your jawbone.

  1. Make your Speeches Clearer

If you have a complete set of teeth, your ability to pronounce some words will be more precise. You can emphasize the tone, and your listeners will understand your speeches better. On the other hand, missing some teeth can alter your pronunciation in a big way. You won't be able to enunciate words clearly, and it's more challenging if you have to speak in another language. Since the implants function similarly to a genuine tooth, words can be expressed more naturally and more comfortably while talking to other people.

  1. No Need for Cavities

It's true that you still need some level of care if you have implants. You need to brush and floss them to prevent harmful bacteria from spreading in your mouth. You also need to do proper maintenance to prevent staining.

Fortunately, for many people getting implants will mean that they don't have to experience tooth decay and cavities. You can learn more about cavities here: The materials are made from titanium and zirconia. It's not made of organic matter, and these unique features are not exactly what bacteria feed on.

  1. Very Easy Maintenance

The implants won't require you to buy special brushes and flosses. Although these things are totally optional, you can still use regular products to care for your teeth. You won't need adhesives, electric brushes, special flossers, cups, and cleansing tablets just to maintain the implants. You can maintain the cleanliness and the looks if you take the time to brush these artificial choppers at least twice a day.

  1. No Slips

There are times when people wearing dentures experience embarrassing slippage. This is why a lot of them are often conscious of the way they speak. They may not laugh as often in public, or they may be more careful when eating at a restaurant because their dentures may suddenly slip and fall. These embarrassing moments won't happen with a tooth that is firmly fixed in its place. The implants will never embarrass you as long as legitimate dentists did the job in Jacksonville.

  1. Support Adjacent Tooth

The gap can make the teeth shift positions. Crooked teeth or misaligned bites can cause a more protruded jaw, and the result can be misalignment. This can decrease many people's confidence to smile because they don't look good with their teeth out.

When the gaps are filled, this allows the adjacent teeth to follow the alignment as well. It's best for people who have braces to ask your dentist about missing tooth treatments to maintain so that the others can move into a straighter alignment.

  1. Permanent Solution

For others, they may think that it's the end when they have undergone extractions. The good news is that you can still replace permanent teeth with the implant. This is a treatment that will last permanently. It's unlike dentures that you need to replace periodically every few years. The titanium posts are designed to last for the rest of your life, and you won't have to worry about maintenance either.

If you want to know more about Jacksonville's replacement options, you may ask your dental care provider what's right for you. If you are a perfect candidate for the implants, don't hesitate to schedule a consultation and start your journey to a better smile now.

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