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Meet A Houston Cosmetic Dentist Today And Bring Out A Blushing Smile

A beautiful smile not only boosts self confidence but also brightens up the personality. Today’s advanced cosmetic dentistry techniques have amazing abilities to get that million dollar smile. The major advantage to go for cosmetic dentist is that it is absolutely pain free. The results are for long run; so once it is done, you need not worry. It is side effect free too. There are many reliable dentists in the Houston area. You will easily come across a trusted Houston cosmetic dentist who can put an end to all your woes.

Here are some of the treatments that any Houston cosmetic dentist can help you with.

Tooth whitening

Also known as “Whitening”, this is the most common procedure nowadays. There are many procedures that are available; however, composite resins are most preferred. They are of same shades as that of tooth and hence look much natural. The treatment helps to get rid of discoloration and stains.

Repositioning teeth

With the help of braces the teeth can be aligned to get a better smile. The gaps between the teeth can be reduced. This orthodontic treatment works fine at all ages. Due to small and transparent braces, even adults can use them to get a fantastic smile.

Replacement of teeth

Broken or lost teeth can now be replaced by dental implant or bridge. An implant is a permanent procedure. A screw is fixed in the jaw bone by drilling a hole. Later an artificial tooth is fitted on the screw.
A bridge is artificial tooth which is attached to the adjacent natural teeth. Fixed bridges can’t be taken out. Bridges can reduce the gum disease issues.

Caps and crowns

Any ugly or broken tooth can be given a new look by capping or crowning. The procedure involves filing the tooth. Later on the cap is cemented over the tooth. Such caps and crowns are available that match the tooth color. So it’s simple now to flash your smile.

Gum treatment

In case of gum de-pigmentations and excessive gum decline, laser gum treatment is done. It can provide with beautiful and eye catching smile. Also, it can help you avoid all the gum troubles, including unbearable pain that might otherwise come your way at a later stage.

Tooth Jewel

Always wanted your smile to be unique? Now you can get a tooth jewel on your crown. The crystals can make you look more fashionable and would add to your style statement.

Whatever might be the dentistry treatment you undergo though, a sincere commitment to serious oral hygiene is must. Any Houston cosmetic dentist would tell you that personal hygiene is imperative. And it has to be for lifetime. Brushing regularly increase the life of teeth as well as the life of orthodontic treatment. Besides this, one should avoid smoking and aerated drinks as they cause discoloration of teeth.

So get ready to get a vibrant healthy smile!

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