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How to make dentist visit easier for your kids

It is important to bring your children to the dentist regularly in order to keep their teeth healthy. However, many kids may find visiting the dentist to be scary. Here're some creative tips and tricks for getting your child ready to visit the dentist.

1. Watch a program that teaches your children about whom the dentist is and what they do.

There are many cartoons that feature going to the dentist episode from Dora the Explorer to Daniel Tiger. Watching one of these episodes can help put your child at ease so that by teaching them what to expect when they visit the dentist.

2. Play pretend with them.

It may help to ease your child's fears if you play dentist with them prior to them going to their first dental visit.

3. Find a book that talks about going to the dentist and the importance of dental hygiene.

When you read about going to the dentist it not only teaches your child about what to expect on their first dental visit, but gives them the opportunity to ask you questions about their first visit or express any concerns that they might have so that you can address them before the visit.

4. Incorporate the visit with something fun.

As a reward for their first successful Dental visit bring them to do something fun that they enjoy. Whether it's to the children's museum, to go shopping for clothes or even to the park as long as you bring them to do something that makes them happy it will help make that first visit easier.

5. If you're going to give them a reward for their first visit, make sure it's not candy.

It's important to drive home the message that good oral hygiene is important. So rather than rewarding a successful doctor visit with a lollipop or candy try getting them a coloring book, a small toy or even a new outfit instead.

Now that you know some creative ways to make going to the dentist easier for your children, be sure to utilize these tips and tricks the next time they have to visit the dentist. And to pick up an outfit for your child as a reward stop by Groupon Coupons page for Tea Collection.

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