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How to Identify a Dental Emergency and What To Do

Do you know what a dental emergency really is? Make no mistake there are many situations that may warrant a visit to the dentist – but what differentiates an emergency from all those other cases is when you need to get treatment immediately.

In many cases of mild toothaches, small bits of bleeding on the gums, and so on – you don’t actually need to get treated immediately. That doesn’t mean that you should wait a few weeks, but rather that you can at least wait and go see the dentist the next day.

However in a dental emergency you won’t be able to wait and should see a dentist immediately. That is the case when you have:

  • Severe toothaches

If your toothache is severe and continuous then you should immediately see a dentist. It could be caused by a variety of different issues, the most common of which being an infection caused by an abscess. Seeing a dentist will help identify the cause, and also provide you with some pain relief in the short term.

  • Lost or knocked out tooth

Assuming you lost a tooth, then seeing a dentist can help to address the issue sooner rather than later – and stop the bleeding that normally accompanies it. If left untreated the bleeding and open wound could cause other issues, which is why it is considered an emergency.

  • Continuous bleeding

If your gums or any other part of your mouth are bleeding continuously it is best to err on the side of caution and visit your dentist. It could be a cut, damage to your gums, or something else – but you will need to stop the bleeding as quickly as possible regardless.

Generally those are the most urgent issues that require attention, though typically there are other cases that are often referred to as ‘emergencies’ but aren’t as threatening. For example if you’ve lost a crown, have a loose tooth, have swelling, or a tooth is chipped or fractured then you will want to see a dentist as soon as you can.

In any case, if you suspect that you have a dental emergency it is best to err on the side of caution and find an emergency dentist in Northampton or wherever you are. Treating dental emergencies quickly could help to prevent further issues, and will also reduce the health risks that are involved tremendously.

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