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Dispose Unwanted Medicines by Following Proper Means

Disposing of unwanted medicines is the need of the hour. Owing to the several harms that expired or unwanted prescription drugs can do to our health and society, one has to learn the ultimate disposal methods for medications. Also, lately, we have seen a surge in prescription drug misuse. It calls out for the timely disposal of unwanted drugs.

Healthcare Setups

You can dispose of the medicines at healthcare setups, such as pharmacies and hospitals. These healthcare facilities take up the medications from you and dispose of it safely for you. Many pharmacies also perform year-round drug take-back programs. Such programs are collaboration between the healthcare facilities and the government health officials to reduce chemical waste. Pharmacies also provide people with options, such as mail or placement in a pharmacy-maintained medication disposal kiosk or a collection container.

Online Means

You can use online means to search for nearby medication disposal sites. Several states have designated controlled substance public disposal locations, and through these, you can safely dispose of unwanted medicines.

Also, many online pharmacies deliver expired medications to their customers, which can lead to adverse reactions in the body. Therefore, it is wise to check all details, including credibility, thoroughly on such online sites before ordering. There is a high uptake of online pharmacies and websites, including , where you can easily find up-to-date prescription drugs from top manufacturers and at reasonable prices.

How do Pharmacies Dispose of Unwanted Drugs?

Generally, pharmacies entirely incinerate the drugs. This is an effort to guarantee that nobody will use the medication accidentally. Also, it makes sure that nobody misuses the unwanted drug.

Disposing at Home

You can dispose of unwanted drugs at home with the help of a simple method that the Food and Drug Administration highly recommends. The mix, place, throw, scratch out (MPTS) method aids in the reduction of any likelihood of your unwanted medications misuse.


You can dispose of the unwanted medications in your garbage bin at home, but with specific considerations. Mixing is the primary step in the disposal process. You have to mix the drugs with some unappealing items, including animal litter, dirt, or other such items. One thing to remember is that you should never crush the capsules and tablets.


You can place the drug in its container or a sealed paper or a plastic bag. Placement in a box makes sure that the medicines' active ingredients will not leach into the soil and water system once they are in a landfill site.


Once the medicine is in the sealed bag, you can throw it in the trash bin without concern.

Scratch out

Scratching out is an essential aspect of the disposal method in the case of prescription bottles. Make sure you scratch out all the personal data, such as your name, pharmacy data, prescription numbers, and so on. In addition to that, if you remove the sticker label, you can recycle the prescription bottle. Nevertheless, not all bottles follow this norm, and not all municipalities recycle all prescription bottles.

By following proper disposal methods, you can keep yourself, your family, pets, and benefit the community as a whole.

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