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Common Misconceptions About All-on-4

If you desire to have your teeth replaced, you might have already done some research or looked at different tooth replacement options in the market. You can replace your teeth with different dentures and implants. All-on-4 is top on the list; hence you should also consider this ideal implant. Moreover, it is being offered more and has become the standard implant used by dentists in different towns and cities.

Because the All-on-4 system is relatively new, many people who need replacements may not entirely understand its works. This has subsequently led to several assumptions and misconceptions. To make more informed decisions, you need to know the myths concerning all-on-4, and here are some of them. 

1.You can only get high-quality treatment from an all-on-4 clinic

There are numerous all-on-4 benefits, and thus, clinics explicitly dealing with these implants continue to increase in number. One common myth that keeps running is that you will only get quality treatment from dentists working in these explicit clinics. The truth is that dentists from traditional oral surgery practices are capable of successfully giving you these implants.  

The only thing that you need to do is carry out adequate research and ensure that they are well-experienced in giving these implants. Also, check that they bear all the necessary professional qualifications.

2.You don't need to brush and floss them

Another common misconception is that you will not need to brush and floss your implants once you get them. However, just because they are not like your natural teeth doesn't mean that you should ignore taking proper care of them. Cleaning your all-on-4s at least twice every day will keep your mouth clean and healthy, in addition to extending their life. 

Moreover, your implants are only effective when a strong jaw and healthy gums support them. If you have poor dental hygiene, decay and infections could occur, which might lead to your implants losing their function and stability. Add the everyday cleaning routines to professional cleaning from your dentist, and you will be okay.

3.All-on-4 implants are like natural teeth

Implants will offer strength and stability similar to what your natural teeth provide. Additionally, they are superior to traditional dentures. However, these are still not like your natural teeth. Your implants are made from various acrylic plastics and resins, and sometimes they could also contain metal components. 

These teeth also need a different type of care and maintenance. Although decay doesn't occur on dentures as they do on natural teeth, harmful bacteria can damage them. 

  1. "Teeth in a day" is a fallacy

There is an all-on-4 treatment known as "teeth in a day". If you are qualified, it is possible to get your implants and temporary non-removable dentures in one day. Although you will need to have preliminary consultations and follow-ups afterward, the actual procedure can be completed in a day. The "teeth in a day" implant placement procedure is not less effective or stable than the other placement methods. The faster results might be beneficial to you and other students.

There are more myths about all-on-4 implants, but doing enough research will help you debunk them and discover facts about this process. If you still have questions and concerns, you can still consult with your surgeon before choosing to undergo the procedure.

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