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Advances in Technology – Understanding the Benefits of 3D Dental X-rays

Going to the dentist or endodontist is never fun, but subjecting yourself to those time-consuming x-rays is perhaps one of the most challenging experiences. While they aren’t meant to cause pain, there are times when your mouth is already sore, so the process can be extremely stressful. The worst is having x-rays of teeth that are abscessed but with the advances in x-ray technology, you no... [Continue Reading]

Avoiding Gum Stress: Adding a Water Flosser to Your Collection Will Save You Money and Time, as Well as Providing a Safe Alternative for Your Gums

Do you forget to floss sometimes? You’re not alone. Studies show that just half of Americans floss daily, and about 18 percent don’t floss at all. But, whether you do it or not, flossing is an essential aspect of oral hygiene. It’s the only practical way to clean the spaces between your teeth where your toothbrush can’t reach. Dental floss is the most common flossing tool... [Continue Reading]

Tips On How To Find The Best Dentist For Your Child

  Starting your child with regular dental visits from an early age will set your child up for a lifetime of healthy teeth. Regular dental care will help detect problems early and treat problems early. More importantly, it will get your child into the routine of that every six month appointment that will carry through his entire life. Here’s how to find the best dentist for your child. ... [Continue Reading]

Who is a Candidate for Veneers?

Do you have gaps, chipped, or stained teeth? Veneers are an excellent way to get a beautiful smile. Nevertheless, having veneers is a big decision as it’s an irreversible treatment. For this reason. It’s essential to have all the fact about veneers, their history, and what would make you a perfect candidate. What are Veneers? Veneers are thin pieces of porcelain that are used to... [Continue Reading]

Does Orthodontic Treatment Improve Chewing and Swallowing?

When considering the term orthodontic treatment, most individuals consider only braces or cosmetic issues. However, family braces orthodontists also work to provide quality treatment to assist in better chewing and swallowing, along with overall teeth health. Read on to see just how orthodontic treatment is beneficial to the function of the mouth. What Is Orthodontic Treatment? Orthodontic... [Continue Reading]

Know Your Dental Treatment Alternatives: Dental Anxiety Does Not Have to Cripple Your Dental Health

Does the thought of entering a dental office fill you with dread? Are needles your worst nightmare? Or can you simply not handle the stress of making that 6 monthly visit? It’s safe to say, you’re not alone. According to WebMD, between 9% and 20% of Americans avoid going to the dentist out of fear or anxiety. There are two types of dental fear: dental anxiety and dental phobia. Whilst... [Continue Reading]

Wisdom Teeth Removal: 5 Things You Need to Know

All of the four third permanent molars are referred to as wisdom teeth and more often than not, they can cause some serious discomfort and pain. While a few visits to your local Barrie dentist will likely take care of any wisdom tooth related issues you might be experiencing, it still pays to know a few things about the situation before you actually decide to remove the tooth. Royalty Free... [Continue Reading]

5 Popular Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures That Can Create a Better Smile

An understandably big part of dentistry is devoted to improving the aesthetics of your smile, and it is referred to as cosmetic dentistry. Nowadays there are numerous procedures that you can undertake to improve the appearance of your teeth, and some tend to be extremely popular. In particular if you feel that you would like to rectify any issue with your teeth and improve your smile, these 5... [Continue Reading]

Understanding the Differences When Getting Braces as an Adult

Generally braces tend to be used to correct oral issues in younger patients, but increasingly adults are getting braces to correct their teeth alignment and bite as well. While it is certainly an option worth considering and can improve your dental health by leaps and bounds – you should be aware that there are some key differences when getting braces as an adult. Existing dental work ... [Continue Reading]

The Benefits of Dental Cleaning Procedures

Dental cleaning procedures may seem complicated to patients, but they’re quite simple. Dentists will utilize devices and techniques to remove plaque in the patient’s teeth in an efficient manner. The plaque will sometimes build up in areas that are difficult to reach, even when patients regularly brush and floss their teeth. This is why dentists recommend that patients get their... [Continue Reading]