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An Easy Way to Get Rid of Wine Stains

Ever got embarrassed due to that purple stain on your teeth after drinking wine? Don’t worry, you’re not the only one. The sight of a beautiful glass of red wine seems exciting to all of us, but leaving behind that stain can be tricky. We are here to help you with ways on how you can continue to enjoy your drink while keeping your pearly whites intact.

Clean your Teeth Beforehand.

A quick reaction after seeing the stain is to brush your teeth. But brushing your teeth right after drinking wine can damage the tooth enamel. Due to the acidity found in the wine, teeth can become sensitive and can get scraped off. The solution to this issue is to brush your teeth before drinking and clean the plaque in your teeth before it can get stained. This will help ensure a beautiful smile free of any tints.

Incorporate Cheese to Protect Teeth

Wine and Cheese perform opposite roles in keeping your teeth clean. Both go together so that one doesn’t overpower the other. This means that having cheese aids in protecting teeth against any acids and is a coverage from getting wrecked.

Cheese is also helpful in maintaining calcium and closing the pores on the surface of your teeth so that it doesn’t directly come in contact with the wine.

Use of Sparkling Water

Having sparkling water in between drinking will scrub off those unwanted stains. You should make sure that the water goes around every corner of your mouth and gets rid of wine stains from your teeth.


Having food rich in fiber, such as broccoli, spinach, beans, potatoes, etc., produces more saliva in your mouth, and while eating, this can help take off all the wine stains from your teeth. So the next time you enjoy a drink of red wine, keep your spinach or kale in easy reach and grab a few bites in between drinking.

Don’t have Acidic Wines

One should avoid having acidic wines like White wine before having Red wine because the acidity found in the white wine might erode your enamel and act as a base for red wine stains to stick on your teeth. The higher the intensity of acid in your wine, the higher the chance of it having a detrimental effect on your teeth.

Keep Yourself Hydrated

We all know the importance of having water but even in this scenario, make sure that you have plenty of water to clear out all the wine you are taking in and cleanse your teeth in between meals.

Lime Trick

In case of an emergency, where you want to get rid of the stains in a jiffy, simply take lime and rub it on your teeth. But be careful while following this trick because lime is also acidic, and with frequent use, it might tear off the enamel on your teeth.

Red Wine Teeth Wipes

Nowadays, the market is abuzz with many variants of teeth wipes or gels, which can be an effective tool to eliminate unwanted stains. They are medically safe and approved by doctors and ensure no sensitivity or pain after use. The process is simple, smile and open your mouth wide, apply the gel on the teeth directly through the wipe or pen tool and then rub it all over your teeth. The gel would help get rid of the stains in a matter of minutes. Many of these products are gluten-free to cater to the demand of people having allergies.

Try out the methods above to see which one suits you best and be confident in sporting your best smile.

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