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A Brief History of Teosyal

Stereotypes are not the most reliable source of information but who would deny that Swiss quality is a constant? We buy Swiss watches to emphasize our social statuses, we admire Swiss lows as the highest standards of country government, we buy Swiss chocolate for our nearest and dearest, and prefer many more things made in Swiss only because we know that this country has high product quality requirements. Thus, when you’re asked to choose a dermal filler: one is Switzerland-made and the other is created in another country, probably you would take the first one. And only because of all the above-described stereotypes, 90% of people make the same choice. That's what a good reputation means! Now let's talk seriously. Does every product made in Switzerland really meet the highest quality standards? In this article, let’s check a popular pharmaceutical brand based in Switzerland that produces injectable drugs for aesthetic medicine procedures. Ladies and gentlemen, meet Teosyal! 

The Star Is Born or How the World Learned About the Brand 

Teosyal is produced by TEOXANE - a pharmaceutical laboratory based in Geneva. The company was founded by Madame Valerie Topa in 2003. She has a qualification of biochemist and is the French Business School graduate. In 2003 -2004 her team included leading pharmacists from all over the world whose task was to create ideal products for dermal correction procedures. After performing numerous medical and clinical researches and regular studies of the current aesthetic medicine market needs, TEOXANE developed new remedies that met all the expectations of healthcare providers and their patients. 

Since 2004, the company has been continuously researching to improve the product formula. The success of this brand inspires and stimulates to actions many aesthetic medicine product developers. Because just in 3 years since TEOXANE was founded, the company has reached the highest positions in the world dermal fillers manufacturers ratings. Currently, doctors in more than 100 countries use Teosyal in their clinics and associate TEOXANE with quality and safety for health.  

A Recipe for Success or Why Teosyal Stands Out 

Today Teosyal is the most famous European brand that produces and supplies premium quality cosmetics at affordable prices. But are there no competitors? Of course, they are, and to keep the head above water, the Teosyal’s creators use their own secrets on how to make unique products. And no, it’s not a secret ingredient. The TEOXANE team just uses the advantageous combination of production methods and first-class components. As a result, they receive injectables that are endowed with such qualities: 

  • the remedy is based on purified hyaluronic acid that meets all cosmetic quality requirements; hence the complications after Teosyal injections appear less frequently that after applying other injectables; 
  • Teosyal has a very long-lasting effect (even more than 1 year); patients who follow their doctors’ post-procedure recommendations claim that results are visible 12-18 end even more months; 
  • there’s the highest degree of safety - 99% of patients who use this remedy don’t have complications after injections;  
  • the company-manufacturer has developed a special formula for each product, thus Teosyal very effectively solve skin problems; the line of injectable drugs include dermal fillers with different density, viscosity, elasticity, and action duration; 
  • the procedure takes only a few minutes and is almost painless; there’s no rehab period and patients can return to their previous activities right after operations. 

If you are interested in such purchases, please, visit the PD company website. Here you’ll find a lot of info about different products for dermal correction procedures, advantageous offers and great discounts for wholesale buyers. Don’t look for other services buy Teosyal here. The best service is guaranteed!

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