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How to make dentist visit easier for your kids

It is important to bring your children to the dentist regularly in order to keep their teeth healthy. However, many kids may find visiting the dentist to be scary. Here're some creative tips and tricks for getting your child ready to visit the dentist. 1. Watch a program that teaches your children about whom the dentist is and what they do. There are many cartoons that feature going to the... [Continue Reading]

Brace Your Child for What Seems Like the Inevitable

While it isn’t written in stone, there is a good likelihood if you have children in the house that one or all of them may need to visit the orthodontist before they leave the nest to head off to college one day. Braces, the objects that scare some kids silly; have become much friendlier and better looking in recent decades. That said they are still traumatic for some kids growing up,... [Continue Reading]

5 visits to the dentist with hilarious aftermaths

We have all been to the dentist, which means we all know it can end up in two different ways: you either get a minor intervention with a bit of discomfort you start to feel when you get home, or you see yourself in the need of going through dental surgery meaning possibilities of feeling pain. But of course your dentist wonít be letting you feel any pain so what they are going to do is... [Continue Reading]

How to Stop Your Kids Becoming Afraid of the Dentist

Dental health is extremely important – healthy teeth make you look much better, and of course, you can avoid all kinds of health problems if you take care of your teeth and gums and pay regular visits to the dentist. However, many adults fear the dentist, and end up not getting regular check ups or going through extreme anxiety when they do need to have dental work done. Often, the fear... [Continue Reading]

Making Sure Your Dental Office is Organized All Around

Keeping your dental practice organized is key in running a successful one. From the magazines in the waiting room to the products in your supply closets, you need organization. The organization of your key products and tools, as well as your office in general should not only make your work easier as a dentist, but make your patients time with you as tolerable and even as pleasant as... [Continue Reading]

What Should You Avoid After You Get Veneers?

There are so many useful dental treatments that are now available for those that have various problems. We have access to braces that improve teeth alignment, dental implants that are simply vital when teeth are missing and teeth whitening treatments that are available for those that are interesting in appearance. The problem with teeth whitening is that it will not last forever. It is... [Continue Reading]

How To Keep Your Teeth Safe From Cavities

Your teeth are a huge asset, and we need to take care of them in order to make sure that they look great and continue to work as they should so that you remain healthy.. That being said, how can you keep your teeth as safe from cavities as possible? What can you do to keep them in the best condition that they can be in? Here are some tips that can help you that way. ... [Continue Reading]

5 Marketing Secrets for Your Dental Clinic

If you already have a thriving dental practice with hundreds of patients flowing through your doors every week, you may be thinking, well, I don’t need to read any further. But, lo and behold, things change. So too, marketing trends. And patients do move on as well. Professional Dental consulting is available, but there are definitely things that you can do on your own. 1.... [Continue Reading]

5 Tips for Choosing a Dental Clinic Abroad

These days we are lucky enough to be able to access good quality services throughout the world. Frequent travel, the information superhighway and our desire for a bargain mans that many more of us are taking the plunge and getting dental care abroad. Whereas at home we may rely on word of mouth from friends, neighbors and relatives to pick a new dentist, this isn’t an option for... [Continue Reading]

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NYU Dentistry's Mobile Dental Van Program Launches Senior Care Initiative
Understanding the importance of making access to oral health care convenient for everyone, particularly our older New Yorkers, NYU Dentistry is launching its pilot program, Dental Van Senior Citizen Initiative, on July 6, 2016, from 9:00am-3:00pm at ...

Champagne Family Dentistry Opens Pediatric Office in Reno
RENO, Nev. —Champagne Family Dentistry launches a sub-brand and second location for Champagne Pediatric Dentistry, sharing an office with Welmerink Orthodontics on the corner of Mae Anne Avenue and Ambassador Drive. Dr. Cariann Champagne ...

Dr. Joe Ray practiced dentistry in three branches of the military
At that time, he practiced general dentistry. From there, Ray moved onto Vance Air Force Base in Enid, Oklahoma. He was one of two dentists for the entire base. At that time, Ray served as the base oral surgeon. After he left the Air Force, Ray moved ...

Veterinarians Raise Concerns About Anesthesia-Free Dentistry For Pets
CHICAGO (CBS) — Cats and dogs get their teeth cleaned just like us humans, but the procedure itself has become a controversial issue. CBS 2's Dorothy Tucker explains in this Original Report. Norman's teeth weren't always so clean. Due to his age, his ...

Carencro High partners with dentist practice for internships
Lafayette Modern Dentistry is partnering with Carencro High's Academy of Information Technology to support its summer internship program. “It's because of businesses like Lafayette Modern Dentistry who believe in bridging the gap between the classroom ...

Glidewell Laboratories Releases Latest Issue of Restorative Dentistry Magazine Chairside in Print and Online
NEWPORT BEACH, Calif., June 30, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Glidewell Laboratories, industry-leading provider of dental laboratory services and products, announced today that the new issue of Chairside® magazine, its restorative-dentistry-focused publication, ...

Crowning achievements in dentistry. Same-day technology improves patient experiences, outcomes.
A lifetime of bad dental experiences left Lewis VanDemark, 70, with more crowns than the British monarchy. Going to the dentist and getting a crown used to be an uncomfortable, painful, and time consuming experience. “My teeth have had problems since I ...

3D Printing for Digital Dentistry
Welcome to the world of digital dentistry, where game-changing innovations are arriving at an extraordinary pace. Dentistry represents a significant opportunity to 3D printer manufacturers like Asiga due to its sheer size. BCC Research reports that by ...

How dentists can cut through the hype of social media
Many dentists use their Facebook page as a substitute for a practice website. But Facebook isn't where new patients find you. Think about it. For instance, where would you go to find a new accountant? Unless you received a referral from a friend, you ...

June 29, 2016 | Why DSOs May Not Want Your Dental Practice
Is this the time for a solo owner dentist or small groups to sell? After speaking to several executives at both small dental group practices and larger dental support organizations (DSOs) the best time could be now. There is a trend in the dental ...

Man owns a dental practice without license for dentistry
Tuesday, a man who owned a dental practice in Fortuna is under felony investigation. The Fortuna Police Department said Michael Eshghipour bought Eel River Valley Dental about a year ago and has been portraying himself as a dentist. But he never ...

An inside look at rural dentistry
To help shed light on the day-to-day practice of rural dentistry, DrBicuspid.com spoke with Remya Niranjan, DDS. Dr. Niranjan is a dentist at the Hilmar, CA, satellite office of Livingston Community Health, a nonprofit, federally qualified health ...

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