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A Few Essential Facts about Teeth

In order to have a clear understanding of what it takes to maintain a healthy dental program, it can help to know a few things about teeth in general, such as when we can expect our first few teeth to fall out, what it means to have wisdom teeth removed or perhaps the types of teeth we have in general. One obvious fact is that teeth are an incredibly important part of the digestive process,... [Continue Reading]

A Digital 'Magic Wand' Makes Going to the Dentist a More Comfortable Experience

Almost everyone is familiar with the awkward and uncomfortable goop-filled plastic tray that is inserted into the mouth and used for taking impressions of the teeth and gums. Thankfully, now there is an alternative, called the iTero digital impression system. What is iTero? The iTero system takes 3-D digital impressions of patients' teeth and gums quickly and comfortably, with 99.5%... [Continue Reading]

5 Ways to Get Rid of Your Dental Fears

You open the front door and take the first step inside. Almost instantly you can hear the whirl of a drill in the far off distance, and what might possibly be the sound of quiet desperation and struggle on the receiving end of that gruesome apparatus. You can start smelling the sweat dripping from your brow, and look for the nearest seat to bury yourself in so you can take a moment to catch... [Continue Reading]

5 Basic Cavity Prevention Tips

Cavity prevention is vital. Cavities, or dental caries, are not only painful, but they can also cause bad breath and other issues with your health. Dentists and medical health professionals say that caring for your teeth is critical for your overall wellbeing. Next to brushing and flossing, it is important to take daily measures to make sure your oral and dental health is in excellent shape.... [Continue Reading]

Top 3 tips to get the perfect smile

Sick of hiding your pearly whites from the camera or smiling through closed lips when in public? While your smile is one of the first features people notice, few are actually happy with how theirs looks. If you want to get the perfect smile then these three tips should give a whole new definition to “grin and bear it”! A clean smile is a beautiful smile, so make sure your teeth... [Continue Reading]

5 Bad Oral Health Habits to Break in 2014

In the New Year, many people choose to make lifestyle changes and stick to resolutions in order to improve themselves and their lifestyles for the better. One of the most important changes you can make in 2014, is to be more mindful about your oral health and hygiene. Here are 5 bad oral health habits to break in 2014 for a healthier, happier you! Stop crunching! You finish sipping on a... [Continue Reading]

Common Causes of Tooth Enamel Loss and Erosion

Tooth enamel is one of the most important tissues in your entire body. Even though it is the hardest – it has to protect your teeth – it can still become damaged or it can erode. Tooth enamel is important because it protects the nerve of your teeth from becoming damaged – keeping the nerve healthy is important because the nerve is essentially the life force of the tooth. When... [Continue Reading]

5 Tips for Alleviating the Pain of Dental Braces

If you’ve ever talked to someone who has had braces before, one thing that they will probably tell you is that while the end results makes the cost of the braces well worth it, if there’s one thing that is definitely no fun, it’s going through the process of first getting your braces put on your teeth and then having them tightened every few months. The reason why is because... [Continue Reading]

5 Ways to Prevent Staining Your Teeth

Stains on your teeth can be unattractive and they can decrease your self confidence. There are a number of things that cause stains on your teeth – including tobacco related products, tea, coffee and any other food that has a reputation of leaving stains. So, what do you do? Many people don’t want to give up their precious delights, like a hot cup of tea or coffee in the morning.... [Continue Reading]

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Dental Associates Shares Patient Satisfaction Ratings
Dental Associates, Wisconsin's largest family-owned dental group practice, is now posting patient evaluations of its dentists and clinics on its website. Press Ganey, an independent, nationally recognized healthcare survey company, conducts the patient ...

Waikoloa Dental Clinic Opens in Queens' Marketplace
“As Waikoloa Beach Resort continues to grow as a community, we're happy to provide dental services at Queens' MarketPlace,” said Scott Head, Vice President of Resort Operations in a media release. “With the addition of Waikoloa Dental Clinic, the ...

Martin Co. dentist faces suspended license after patient death
A Martin County dentist could have his license suspended for up to 10 years after one of his patients dies in his care. Although his license has been suspended, Dr. Zachary Harrison is still allowed to practice general dentistry up until November 1. In ...

Free dental care in Manalapan Sunday
MANALAPAN – Drs. Allen and Randall Davis of the Center for Advanced Dentistry will offer free dental exams to the first 100 patients who come in their doors Sunday. The dentists will offer free exams and an oral cancer screening to the first 100 ...

Dentistry by Design welcomes new dentists
Two new dentists were added to the staff at Dentistry by Design in Door County. Dr. Gene Allen and Dr. Gina Grenfell joined Dr. Paul Feit (owner), Dr. Michael Pierquet and Dr. Thomas Wilson at Dentistry's offices in Sturgeon Bay and Sister Bay. Allen ...

Dumas Family Dentistry
Dumas Family Dentistry's goal is to provide and educate excellent oral health for your family in a relaxed environment. Daniel West, DDS, has been in practice over 30 years and Stacey West, DDS, is a new addition to the practice. They are accepting new ...

New Haven Family Dentistry Celebrates 47 years of Brighter Smiles
The friendly folks at New Haven Family Dentistry are currently celebrating more than 47 years of making New Haven's smiles brighter. The practice, which was opened by Dr. Robert Ellison in 1967, originally opened across the street from its current ...

New Western Dental Opens in Panorama City
Western Dental is offering a New Patient Special of $29 for Exam and X-rays. In addition to a comprehensive oral exam and full mouth x-rays, the $29 New Patient Special includes enrollment in Western Dental's annual plan, which provides a full schedule ...

Dental do's and don'ts
A walk down the toothpaste aisle at your local drugstore clearly shows that having whiter, healthier teeth is a 21st-century obsession. But it turns out that it's always been a challenge: Otzi, a 5,300-year-old mummy retrieved in 1991 from a glacier in ...

The Sedation Dental Office is Now Offering Complimentary Oral Sedation with ...
The Sedation Dental Office is Now Offering Complimentary Oral Sedation with ...

You Docs: Dental dos and donts
Don't only use dental floss for quick touch-ups before a date, a job interview or your next dental appointment. Daily flossing helps break up colonies of below-the-gumline bacteria before they can cause periodontal disease (gum infection that can lead ...

10 tips for parents to extract dental fears
You say your child is afraid of the dentist? How can this be? The dentist is BFF with tooth fairy! Which probably means the dentist is bros with Santa Claus, too! What's not to like?! But if your child will not listen to reason, here are 10 tips that ...

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